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10 Ways To Get Bookings At Your Direct Sales Demonstration
By Ruth Fuersten


It's a known fact that, in the direct sales industry, if you're out of bookings you're out of business. Most people who book a party plan presentation do so at the presentation. You need to encourage people to book by providing them reasons throughout your demonstration. The easiest way to get bookings is to be "up" for your presentation. Here's some other ideas.


1. The top reasons people book is to have fun and learn something. Make your presentation fun and interesting.


2. Talk about your hostess plan at least three times during your presentation. This can be as simple as holding up a product and saying, "You can get this free by having a party."


3. Offer an incentive such as a low priced, but popular items, free just for booking today. They get the item when the hold their show.


4. Imply a busy schedule even if this is the last presentation on your calendar. Subconsciously the guests are thinking, "If no one else wants to book with her there must be something wrong."


5. Coach your hostess to get bookings for you. Offer her an incentive to have two outside bookings before you get to her house.


6. Talk about the different types of presentations you do. If they don't know you do bridal shows you'll never book one.


7. Offer a show in a bag. If you need bookings tell guests they're at the end of a special you're having. If they book tonight for next week, you'll bring the dessert and the paper products. All they have to do is invite the guests.


8. Have an inexpensive item to receive immediately if they book that night.


9. Offer a higher priced item for free for the first person who books.


10. Ask your former hostess, who's a guest at this show, if she remembers what she received at her show. You need to have her show information with you because she won't remember. Don't just say the items she received, actually put them together in one spot. Then give the numbers. "Lisa received $250 worth of products but because she was the hostess with ten buying guests she paid only $23." End by saying, "Lisa, was it worth your time and effort to have a show?" I've never had a former hostess say no.


Use one, a few, or all of these ideas to fill your calendar. Happy booking!


Ruth Fuersten is the author of HOW TO BOOK, SELL, AND RECRUIT YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS, a step-by-step recipe for success in direct sales. Ruth has 12+ years in direct sales. She earned many incentives including international vacations. Ruth's top show was $5,956 and she moved into management in 3 months. Purchase her book or have Ruth speak at your next event by going now to http://www.booksellrecruit.com

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