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 Tips on Writing Effective Sales Promotional Ads


Do you draft up effective ads & newsletters spotlighting your sales specials?
Here are some tips to consider when doing up your ads in regards to spotlighting your SALE Specials:
#1) Don't spotlight too many items! Sometimes I feel like I am getting SPAMMED when I read a post with 40 sales specials along with description, price, photo etc. Like a MINI catalog book! I say pick a few products & spotlight those items!
#2) Information: Name of product, cost of product, how product can be ordered & other product such as features & how the product can be used type of info!
Example: Once I read an ad for Vitamins, such and such was on sale...kewl I thought so I headed right over to the site and found out that to GET THAT SALE price I have to spend $50 before I get the discount, well, that was a WASTE of my time, the AD should of stated this first!
#3) Duration of your Sales Special? Alot of times I see ads that state "Save 10% off any purchase during the next two weeks") Well, be more exact please! Worded: This Special Sale ends on March 5th, 2004, all purchased need to be concluded by Midnight EASTERN TIME or something to that effect! I hate rushing to a website to buy xyz only to find out that it expired at NOON that day!
#4) Keep your graphic images REASONABLE, I don't need to see POSTER SIZED photos of your sales products! Customers & Clients are busy and will not wait 5 minutes for an email newsletter or web page to load, keep it brief & to the point. Keep your graphics small.
#5) Alternative contact info, why? Well, if I want to buy product A but your website is down for maintenance etc, How can I contact you? Always PROVIDE AT LEAST ONE OTHER WAY for customers to contact you incase your website is down!
#6) Payment options! I feel that is important too! You don't want to waste a customers time running around your site & then they click on CHECK OUT to find that you ONLY take Paypal type of thing! MY MAIN PAGE of my site states EXACTLY what types of payments I accept! A ONE LINE sentence in your SALES AD would be nice too!
#7) Sometimes its UNPROFESSIONAL to mix your Ad. What do I mean? Mixing your Sales Specials with your Recruiting Specials...this is NOT always true but MOST of the time, you should NOT mix the two depending on where & how you are advertising. For an example: Customers & Clients who sign up for a email newsletter that you provide to get updates on your sales specials, don't want spammed with your recruiting info!
#8) Again, PROOF READ YOUR AD or have someone else proof read it! You don't want to advertise Product A for $2.00 and it be a TYPO that was mean to say $6.00 and then you end up with a lot of ANGRY customers.
I also like to Say, Thanks for reading my ad or Thanks for visiting my website etc. I like them to KNOW that I appreciate the time it took for them to read my sales ad.
Shelly Hill
Sr Executive Tupperware Manager
copyright 2004


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