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How to Get Your Newbie Signup Marketing Like A Pro

Copyright � 2005 Ugo Okonkwo




As your business takes off, you will begin to build a network of

fellow entrepreneurs in your growing team. They will be people

who have responded to your advertising efforts as you promote your business opportunities regularly. It is truly a great feeling and probably the best thing that you can do is receive him or her with a warm welcome and offer as much support as you can.


The next best thing that you can do is to decide how much support that your new business partner may need. It would be a good bonus if they were highly experienced and helped you to build up your network together with theirs. However, often, it becomes necessary to show your Newbie signup key skills. Any technique that you have used and you know that works should probably be passed on.


As a leader, you realize that there are different levels of people out here. Although they may all want to build a successful business online, they have very different backgrounds. With some you may have to slow down to their pace and be patient. (Not every one knows how to �cut-and-paste�.) With others, you may just have to stand well back and watch them rip the opportunity to pieces!


If they�re completely green, show him or her how easy marketing can be. Simplify things. It is important that they begin to see results within a reasonable time scale. Remember that not everyone is as dedicated, patient and focused as you.


It requires a certain attitude to be a successful entrepreneur.

You need to show your Newbie exactly what to expect. This is the �What to expect list�:


- You need to take calculated risks. Entrepreneurs thrive on this.

- You need to be humble and ask questions so that you may learn.

- You need to have clear written goals.

- You need a plan of action.

- You need to take action - Dreaming is fine. It may be the best

place to start in fact.

- You�ve got to stop dreaming and swing into action.

- You generally need to act now. Not later.

- You may have to be patient. Really patient, and keep on acting.

- You need to expect challenges (problems). This is mostly what

you do as a leader.

- You solve problems.


...but maintain excitement and enthusiasm. Excitement and

enthusiasm will help a great deal with perseverance, lack of

which is a great killer of most business start-ups.


A daily to-do list is a great way of both simplifying things and

creating good business building habits. Ideally, It will consist

of things that are easy to apply regularly. Here�s an example:


1. Wake up

2. Check e-mail

3. Reply promptly and in detail

4. Advertise your business

5. Any bookkeeping or other administration tasks

6. Review early retirement plan


In summary here is how you may begin to help your new and

relatively inexperienced colleague to a great start-off.


1. Warm welcome

2. Gauge their level of experience

3. Discuss the �What to expect list� or something similar

4. Use daily/weekly/monthly to-do lists

5. Maintaining good levels of enthusiasm and excitement,

having fun and telling good jokes can be good for business.



By Ugo Okonkwo



Ugo works and trains as an Orthopaedic Surgeon. He also set

up and runs several successful Internet Businesses including

http://www.businessomatic.com/, for Internet, office and home

based business opportunity ideas, tips and secrets a resource

and guide for any aspiring Entrepreneur. Copyright Ugo Okonkwo http://www.businessomatic.com/. Please reprint or reproduce exactly as is together with resource box.


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