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How Stay- at- Home Mums or Dads Can Pay The Mortgage Too.
Written by: Lucy Cole-Radice
Web Site:   60 Minute Money Home Business System

Making the decision to have a family give up a second income can have a devastating impact especially if the outgoing expenses are greater than the incoming weekly pay packet. Unfortunately many primary care giving Mums and Dads unwillingly re enter the workforce to help meet this deficit and are often faced with the difficult task of leaving the care giving role to someone else.

With the primary caregiver going back into the workforce, one has to ask �is it all worth it? By adding up the cost of child care, travel and loss of precious family time (to mention a few) one may have better off not working at all?

This article has been written to help those faced with this confronting dilemma, investigate a workable solution which enables the primary care giver an opportunity to stay at home and help contribute to the monthly cash flow while raising their family.

Could you use an extra $200, $500, $1000 per month?
Well it would certainly pay for the groceries, petrol or that special family treat you haven�t been able to afford for a while.

What�s the solution?
A network marketing business is a viable cash flow option that can be achieved by the primary care giving parent working from home around family commitments.
Network Marketing is a method of distributing products through �word of mouth recommendations�. This fledgling industry has been gradually expanding under our noses for the past 20 years. According to Mark and Renee Yarnell in their book Your First Year In Network Marketing, �currently, network marketing annual sales are nearing $20 billion in the US alone with approximately 8 million people distributing products Worldwide, more than $100 billion of a broad spectrum of products and services are being sold by and estimated 30 million independent network marketers."

It is a move away from traditional business methods and with the use of the internet permits one to run in a simple global business all from your kitchen table.

It is the ordinary person�s opportunity to an extraordinary life.

The Advantages of your Network Marketing Business.
Taking on your own home business is not decision to take lightly.

It is very important to understand that network marketing is not a job but a real business with real business decisions.

You are therefore responsible for your success. The mentoring in successful network marketing systems will train and support the individual throughout their business.

The beauty of your won network marketing business is
that although you are in business for yourself, you are never on your own.

The advantages of your own network marketing business are numerous.

1. It gives the parents back to the family environment.
2. It provides a part time income to those prepared to build a business to supplement their existing income.
3. It allows for flexible working hours often and is considered a �nooks and cranny� business fitting in around family schedules.
4. It is a low risk business opportunity with low start up costs and levels of entry based on the individual�s resources.
5. All training and support is done through a mentoring system.
6. You don�t need any work experience or qualifications to run your own home business. All that is necessary is a strong work ethic and sheer determination to achieve your income goals.

But is a Network Marketing Business Right for You?

The author has published an article addressing this topic.
�Working From Home -Have YOU Got What It Takes� looks at the qualities of an individual suited to this industry and a recommended read if you are seriously interested in your own home business.

In summary, however, this type of business requires a self driven individual(s) who is teachable, keen to take on new skills and who is prepared to do what it takes to build their business and reach their income goals. The desire to be able to stay at home and raise a family whilst earning an income is more than a worthwhile reason to take on a home business of this nature and consequently more and more by people are turning to the network marketing industry as their vehicle to make it happen.

Your own Network marketing business is an exceptional form of cash flow that enables one to supplement the family income while enjoying the precious benefits and time spent being a parent.

About the author:

Lucy Cole-Radice is currently operating her own successful affiliate internet based network marketing business from home. She is a business mentor to others who wish to run their own home-based business. Have you got the YOU factor to work from home?

The author has also written: 
Working from home � have you got what it takes?


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