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What's most important in life?



Increase Referrals. Increase Business.


A referral is the most common reason given for trying a new supplier. Train yourself to stimulate more referrals and you will be the happy new supplier more often!


A Referral needs to be Mutually Beneficial

Obviously, receiving referrals is wonderful. But what are the benefits to the person who would be making the referral?

They are telling someone about a good resource (a good product, price and service)

They are showing they noticed something about the person they are referring

They care about the person they are referring

They will be considered to be helpful because they are sharing helpful information

They will be viewed as supporting an independent business person

In a way, it is a compliment to them, because you are saying you trust their judgment.


Helping People Make a Referral to You

your existing contacts need to know that you want referrals (this not obvious to people)

they need to know how to identify a good referral

they need to know how spot opportunities to tell someone about you

they need to know how to get in touch with you

they need extra business cards

they need permission and encouragement to hand out your business card


Examples of "A Good Referral"

Someone who:

buys your product for self or as gifts

already shops on-line

someone who attends or hosts home shows for other home-based businesses

has lost contact with a supplier

has never seen your product

someone who does not have easy access to stores


Opportunities to Refer (Cues)

someone compliments your product or service

someone enjoys a similar product or service

an event is coming up for which your service/product is needed

someone needs a gift and is not sure what to select

a group is planning its fund raising for the year


What to Say

It doesn�t have to be fancy or long. But make sure they know it is important to you. Make eye contact and wait for them to respond.  This examples are from my jewelry business.


"Sandy, when someone compliments your jewelry, I would appreciate you telling them about my Fifth Avenue Collection. Would you do that for me? I�ve given you an extra card to carry in your purse."


"Rob, I am glad you found this an easy way to shop for Debbie�s gift. You probably know a couple of friends who�d like some help with gift shopping. I�d like you to feel free to bring them to my next Open House. I�m giving you a couple of cards so they can check out my web site."


"Sonya, thanks for your on-line purchase. I�m glad you found the site worked so well. I�d appreciate you introducing your friends to my site at . If you include my site address in an e-mail all they have to do is click on it."


"Renee, I�m sure some of your first time cruise clients wonder what they should wear on their trip. When you serve someone who could use my help, I�d appreciate you sending them my way. Here are a couple of cards for you to keep in your desk."


"Joyce, my next Open House will be in April. I�d like to invite your friends who admire your jewellery between now and then. Can you help me with that?"


"Our new ring line is in this brochure. Would you mind showing this to the "ring lovers" at work? Thank you."


When you receive a Referral:

immediately thank the person who made the referral

give the new customer exceptional service. Two reputations depend on it!

repeat the process!


Give Good Referrals to Businesses you Trust

make sure they know you sent someone

trade cards with businesses who deal with customers who fit your profile

do not be afraid to encourage someone else�s business!


This Article Was Written by:

Elizabeth Webster Goddard




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