Tips To Increase Your Dating And Booking Potential

Share your best tips on booking home parties!

Tips To Increase Your Dating And Booking Potential

Postby ravish30 » Sun May 17, 2009 5:20 pm

Tips To Increase Your Dating And Booking Potential

As a Direct Sales consultant, I am always looking for creative ways to increase my party bookings, after all, the majority of your business sales come from home party bookings.

Here are 12 great tips that you can use immediately to increase your party bookings.

1. Offer bonuses for dating on weeknights.

2. Offer bonuses for dating on weekday afternoons.

3. Hold multi-host parties to reduce stress for your party hosts. A multi-host party is when 2-3 party hosts pick one location and have one party. Each host invites their own party guests and each host earns free products for having their party. They just share the 'party space" and you only have to do one business presentation.

4. Think "outside the house" and consider taking parties to other venues, such as office buildings where your hosts work, community centers, assisted living centers, the park, bowling alley, your local pizza shop, coffee and donut shop, small cafes and diners, church fellowship halls and daycare centers.

5. Contact past party hosts and offer them an incentive to book another party.

6. Contact your customers and offer them an incentive to book a party.

7. Offer parties in a bag, parties in a box and catalog order parties for party hosts who are too busy to host a party in their own home.

8. Offer to let party hosts use your home to host their party.

9. Get involved in your community events. Set up table displays advertising your home party opportunity. On display you should have some visuals such as: Dating Gift, Host Thank You Gift, Host Booking Gifts, etc. Let your potential hosts see what they can earn for free or for half price! Get out there and meet new people and watch your bookings grow.

10. Party in your trunk! (also known as a 'trunk show'). Take your party on the go: to the park, outdoor music festivals, sporting events, family reunions, neighborhood block parties, flea markets, community yard sale events, etc. The more people see your products, the more apt they are to book a party!

11. Offer mini versions of your home party. If you normally spend 2 hours at the party hosts home doing a home party, come up with a new shorter version. Some party hosts don't want to commit a lot of time hosting a home party, so offer a shorter mini version of your traditional home party.

12. Offer an immediate product reward for booking a party on the spot with you. This should be an inexpensive item from your business product line.

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