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Booking tips

Postby RMiller005 » Sun Jun 04, 2006 9:01 am

I used the invitations ( Wrote on the back... my name and address and telephone number. Free Gifts when you host a show within 2 weeks .

AND made fliers up about me selling princess house

I printed out 100 of them....and handed them to all the ladies and gentleman who entered the flea market. Be sure to ask if it's okay to do this... most times the owners won't mind.

ALSO if you have extra catalogs.... or old fliers from PH....Place them near the entrace of the Flea markets... but not to close to the doors...people may not see them.

(put on the old fliers or catalogs...

Like what you see??

Ask me how you can get our new catalog and monthly me today at: (place your name and phone number)

Give that a try and you never know what will happen.
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More Booking tips

Postby RMiller005 » Sun Jun 04, 2006 9:02 am

When you get your hostess packets together.... be sure to incorporate this handy item..... Not only will this help boost sales...but you may also get many new bookings too.


To get your Hostess in the party spirit, give her this Hostess Scavenger Hunt. This is a list of 30 different types of people. If she has 10 of them at her party, give her a special gift. Each person counts for only one category.
Great way to also get the hostess to fill her house up with people for her show!

1. A good friend 16. A lady on a diet
2. A relative 17. Someone with size 9 shoes
3. A grandmother 18. A babysitter
4. Someone she works with 19. Someone who lives in a corner house
5. Someone with a camper 20. A former neighbor
6. Someone with red hair 21. An Avon Lady
7. A neighbor 22. Someone who books a party
8. Someone who wears glasses 23. A lady with a cat
9. A person who lives in a tri-level house 24. An old school friend
10. A person who lives in a mobile home 25. A mother-to-be
11. A Sunday School teacher 26. Someone with all daughters
12. A secretary 27. Someone with all sons
13. A bowler 28. A teacher
14. Someone with a station wagon 29. A person with a green car
15. Someone who just moved 30. A hairdresser
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Scavenger Hunt

Postby decoratingwithlaura » Sun Jun 04, 2006 9:24 pm

Hello Rose!

I love this idea! Thank you for posting it!!!

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Postby Petlane » Wed Jun 20, 2007 4:12 pm

Rose!! That list was great and I'm sure most of us could add a few specific to our business (most number of pets, etc.) Thanks!

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