In A Slump?

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In A Slump?

Postby slumberchristen » Tue Jun 13, 2006 1:12 pm

Did you ever have months when you thought, WOW my business is rocking. I am an awesome distributor, look at the money rolling in, look at my happy hostesses, yeah baby, my business is great.... SCREETCH, one or two month later you go into a parties are canceling, my parties are small, where did my great sales go, my totals for the month are going to be did this happen????

I think many of us go through this. The up and down months of direct sales. What do you do?? You can't sit in your bedroom under the covers and say all day, "what am I going to do", you can't sit in front of the bulletin board and say what am I going to do. You have to immediately jump in and make it better.

ALWAYS save every order form. After each party you need to staple those order forms together and file them away. NEVER, ever toss them. Take those old order forms and get on the phone. You need to come up with a FABULOUS booking special and call those past customers. Let them know you have a great special for next month and you wanted them to get on your calendar before it gets booked up. You need to get out to the mall and pound the pavement. Some people tell me they can't get out, they have their little kids home all day. NONESENSE! Kids at home - PERFECT. I used to put my twins in the stroller, give 'em a soft pretzel at the mall to keep them happy and walk around giving out cards while I was pushing a stroller. My kids were great props - what better way to strike up a conversation with other mom's at the mall. Don't have kids with you, that works also. I would pick up a garment in a store and ask someone their opinion on it. Tell then you do in-home parties and just wanted to get an opinion on whether the piece of clothing looked good - oh, by the way, let me give you one of my business cards. Walk into a medical building. Go floor to floor and ask each receptionist if you can get a business card. Strike up a conversation and give that bored receptionist a card. Stop into every hair salon you pass and ask for a business card, and then casually strike up a conversation and give them a card also.

Our businesses peak and valley and that's okay. Just know what you need to do when you find yourself in a valley. Sitting at home wondering what to do doesn't help. Jumping in and taking control of it will get you back on track. Spring ahead ladies and catapult yourself into the HOT, HOT, HOT summer months
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Postby mon2023 » Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:34 pm

Thanks or the great advice!

Here's what I do!

I sell beautiful jewellry. During slow times like summer, I like to have a contest for all the hostesses that book a show between for instance June 15th and August 31st (You can let all your past hostesses and clients know by sending an e-mail). I put all the hostesses' names in a box and draw a name on August 31st. The winner gets a 25$ or 50$ gift certificate for free jewellry of their choice.

I also have an open house at the beginning of the summer to introduce the summer new releases.

Hope this helps!
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Summer Slumps

Postby FACJeweler » Sun Jul 16, 2006 11:16 am

Hello Everyone!

I also run a similar special during July & August ONLY. All my hostesses get their name in a drawing for one lucky winner to receive $100.00 in free jewelry of their choice at the end of August. This is working quite well for me and summer is quite profitable.

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