New message board with free advertising..Please L@@K...

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New message board with free advertising..Please L@@K...

Postby athomeamericawithamber » Sun Jul 29, 2007 12:12 am

Hi I belong to a wonderful message board for wahms and they also
have a networking group much like this one. Below is the link and
info about the networking group. If you join please be kind and tell
them that AMBER DEL GIUDICE referred you..We are having a contest
and I am only behind the leader by a couple of points and only a
couple of days left. Pleaseeeeeee Help Me.......

The Consultant Networking Club makes this website like no other
- how many other sites actually guarantee you sales for your home
business, and bring customers right to you who want to hear all
about your products?!

Here's how it works. Each consultant in the club is required to
make at least one minimum $10 purchase from another club
member each month. (Of course, there's no limit to how much you
can spend or how many purchases you can make in a month!) The
year is divided into 6 "free" months and 6 "assigned" months,
which alternate every other month. During the "free" months,
each consultant in the group is free to choose which club member
they make their purchase from, based on which specials each
consultant is running, what products they need, etc. During the
"assigned" months, however, each consultant will be assigned
someone to buy from - and someone will be assigned to buy from
them, as well! In this way, everyone is guaranteed to get at least
one sale every other month, and maximize exposure to their
products and opportunity by reaching people who might not
otherwise have bought from them!

Now, if someone absolutely cannot find anything to buy from their
assigned consultant, it is possible to trade with another
consultant and buy from the person they were assigned to, while
they buy from the one you were assigned to. So there are no
worries about being forced to buy something you really don't want
or need.

And just think of the possibilities during the free months - you
could potentially get hundreds of dollars worth of orders! Post
your specials, hold a raffle, offer free shipping - and you could
end up with everyone's orders that month! And if someone tries
your products and falls in love, you may have a new consultant on
your team, as well!

Everyone is welcome to join the club, because we divide our
members up into somewhat smaller groups, in which there is only
one consultant per company, and those are the groups where we
make our monthly purchases. That way no one ever has to be
turned away, AND we keep it to one rep per company!

In order to join, each consultant must pay a one-time membership
fee of $10 via Paypal. The password for the Club forum will then
be emailed to you, and you can get started posting and selling!
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