Shelly's MEGA Tupperware Clearance Sale!!!!

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Shelly's MEGA Tupperware Clearance Sale!!!!

Postby ravish30 » Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:39 pm

I am clearing out all of my Tupperware Overstock Merchandise and Selling it at a deep discount! All of these products are Brand New and in original packaging or boxes.

1. Ice Tupps Kids Popsicle Mold Maker SALE $10.00

2. Large 17 1/2 cup white cookie canister w/blue seal SALE $7.50

3. Tangerine colored 1 quart beverage pitcher SALE $6.50

4. Kids Finger Jello Mold Set SALE $7.50

5. Duo Bowls in Tangerine (2 cups) Set of 4 with 4 seals SALE $8.00

6. Animal Imprint Kids Lunch Set (Sandwich Keeper, Snack Cup & Tumbler Cup with seal) SALE $7.50 set

7. Holiday Green Pine Needles Imprint Snack Cups, set of 4 with seals SALE $4.50

8. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Maker Molds Set SALE $6.00

9. Kids 1 cup blue snack bowls with green seals, 4 pc. set SALE $5.50 set

10. Velveeta Cheese Block or Double Butter Stick Butter Holder Container in pretty yellow color SALE $4.50

11. Set of 4 tangerine colored coffee & tea mugs SALE $6.50 set

12. FreezerMates 3pc Freezer Container Set (one is 2 1/4 cups, one is 6 cups and one is 13 cups) all with seals. SALE $10.00 for 3pc set

13. Red Chip N Dip Bowl with 2 dip containers SALE $15.00 for set

14. Lemon/Lime Imprinted 2 Qt. Beverage Pitcher with 4 matching tumbler cups with 4 seals. SALE $12.50 for set

15. Never Sold To Customers! Tupperware Slice N Dice with blade attachments in blue. SALE $13.00

16. Cereal Storer 13 cup size with Bold N Blue Seal SALE $7.50 each

17. New Sold To Customers! Tupperware 4 piece tealight candle holders (glass mini bowls) with 4 matching tealight candles in a gift box. SALE $8.00 per set

18. Snack Stor Container with gray seal SALE $5.50 each

19. 4 Replacement Seals for the One-Touch Canisters (no canisters, just the RED seals, great for the holidays) SALE $3.00

20. Oval Microwave Cooker with Extra Rack (no cookbook but I can email you the recipes) Retails for over $65 ON SALE $18.00 set

21. Sheerly Elegant Garnet Red Triangle Serving Bowl (17 cups) SALE $9.00 each

22. Quick Chef in chili red with attachments. Retails for over $52 ON SALE $25.00

23. Vent 'N Serve Medium Square Container, 6 1/4 cups SALE $8.00

24. Clear Impressions 15 cup Serving Bowl in Lime Green SALE $6.50

25. Keep it All Desk Organizers in Dark Purple, set of 2 (these stack on one another and have a sliding drawer) SALE $8.00 set

26. Keep It All Desk Organizer in Dark Purple, LARGE single one SALE $5.50

27. Slime Line 2 qt. Beverage Pitcher in tangerine. SALE $8.00 each

28. Grate N Measure Grater in White. Retails $19 on SALE $10.00 each

29. Black N White Can Opener Retails $32 on SALE $15.00 each

30. Black N White Ice Cream Scoop Retails $29 on Sale for $12.50 each

31. Set of 4 Modular Bowls 1 1/4 cup capacity with seals SALE $8.50 set

32. PE Lil Chopper Machine in chili red color on SALE $11.00 each

33. Quick Shake Container with blue seal SALE $5.00 each

34. Kids Holiday Stencil Set with case SALE $5.00 each

35. Stuffables 6 cup bowl in lime green SALE $6.00 each

36. Small Hourglass Salt & Pepper Shaker Set SALE $4.00 set

37. Small Pick A Deli Container (great for pickles and olives) SALE $5.00 each

38. Microwave Cereal Bowls with matching seals 4pc Set SALE $11.50 set

39. FreezeSmart 4pc. 1 cup container set SALE $8.00 set

40. Radiance 3 cup Serving Bowl with seal SALE $7.00 each

41. Clear Impressions Red Set of 2 Serving Bowls with Seals SALE $5.00 set

42. FreezerMates 6 cup Freezer Container ON SALE $5.00 each

43. 6-piece Tumbler set with matching seals (two 16 oz orange, two 12 oz coral and two 9 oz yellow). On SALE $8.00 set

44. Vent N Serve Divided Microwave Dish with Seal SALE $9.50 each

45. FridgeSmart Medium Long Produce Container on SALE $8.00 each

I have limited quantities available...some I have only one of the items and on others I have multiples of them.

These prices are NOT available through my website. You will need to email or call me with your order for these items. Payment ONLY accepted via paypal. I do not charge a handling fee but I do charge actual shipping amount. Buyer can decide if they want 3-day Priority Shipping or Parcel Post.

You can contact me at
Subject Line For Emails: TW Clearance List
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