One of the most rewarding things about Direct Sales is being able to help those less fortunate than be able to "Give Back". Thousands of Direct Sales companies give to and support countless charities and causes. This forum is where reps can show what difference their companies are making, options to donate themselves, or just make announcements on how much money was raised for a cause etc.


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I am a consultant with Jolica jewelry. We are a Canadian company and a ground floor opportunity. Our jewelry is made by artisans from all around the world such as Peru, Chile, Thailand and more, and we are a member of a Fair Trade as well. Your purchase helps artisans to provide food, health care and education for their families. As a fair trade company, Jolica ensures that artisans receive a living wage for their work on ongoing bases. On top of that we also donate 5% of all retail sales to Jolica Foundation for different purposes. For example, in Tanzania this Foundation saves lives by providing insecticide treated mosquito nets and we are thrilled to have provided more than 8000 nets! We are also active in Afghanistan helpin women in the war-torn country rebuild their lives. By learning how to grow "kitchen gardens" the women are able to grow food for their own families and also to sell as an income stream. I am really proud to represent this wonderful company!

Our online catalog can be viewed at
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