Pink Zebra is Making a Difference

One of the most rewarding things about Direct Sales is being able to help those less fortunate than be able to "Give Back". Thousands of Direct Sales companies give to and support countless charities and causes. This forum is where reps can show what difference their companies are making, options to donate themselves, or just make announcements on how much money was raised for a cause etc.

Pink Zebra is Making a Difference

Postby Sprinkle Your Home » Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:16 am

HEROES Charity

HEROES which stands for: Helping, Encouraging, Rewarding & Obtaining Education for Single mothers, is Pink Zebras charity. Single mothers instill values in children, earn the money, pay the bills, help with homework, cook, clean, go to school you name it, single mothers do it. Many of these mothers need extra help, but never ask for it. Pink Zebra is proud to support this need all over the United States and will help pay for daycare so they can pursue their dreams and have one less thing to worry about. Pink Zebra loves to party and so do our consultants, so whenever a consultant holds a $500 party; Pink Zebra will donate one day of day care. No matter where you live, each one of the consultants, hosts and customers who holds a party will be part of the HEROES cause. Our goal is to pay for 1,000,000 days of daycare over the next 10 years.

You will all be HEROES as Consultants for Pink Zebra!

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