Discovery Toys Autism Support and Fall Donation Program

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Discovery Toys Autism Support and Fall Donation Program

Postby acmarsh1 » Sat Sep 29, 2007 10:57 am

Company’s toys engage and stimulate learning in children with Autism.

For 28 years, Discovery Toys has focused on learning through play, delivering countless products specifically designed to maximize learning moments across age groups and skill categories. The most effective learning environment for any child is one tailored to that child’s specific needs at each stage of development.

Discovery Toys has interfaced with the famous Princeton Child Development Institute (PCDI) to raise hope and skill levels of children with Autism with a comprehensive development support program, helping parents of children with Autism understand the most commonly shared learning difficulties and select the most appropriate playthings and activities to support tailored development programs.

Discovery Toys can help.
For children with autism, the diversity and breadth of learning opportunities offered by DISCOVERY TOYS® products supports the basic skill needs of the child with autism and builds bridges to the next skill level, regardless of the child’s age. Dr. Patricia Krantz, Ph.D., Executive Director of PCDI, attests to the value of the company’s playthings in treatment programs. “Toys are a vital component of many intervention programs! Children with autism learn best when learning is wrapped up as fun! We have incorporated DISCOVERY TOYS® products into our teaching strategies for many years.” This collection of product, along with resources to guide parents in selecting the right toys and understanding how to use them, is now available directly to families of children with Autism for use in the home.

You Can Help!
All Discovery Toys customers now have the opportunity to join the company’s initiative to assist children with autism by adding cash donations to their party purchase. For every dollar donated through Discovery Toys Autism Support Program, we will donate a matching value in retail toys to a selected Autism support organization. Discovery Toys will ship up to $10,000 retail value of products to a selected organization. Donations will be accepted through December 31, 2007.

For more detailed information on how you can support the Fall Donation initiative, or how Discovery Toys products can benefit children with autism, contact Abi Marsh at (678) 372-8613, or
Abi Marsh
Discovery Toys Group Manager
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Ask Me About Our Autism Support Program!
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