Will Partnering with other company's Home Party Reps work?

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Will Partnering with other company's Home Party Reps work?

Postby Star Gold Party » Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:28 am

I'm trying to partner with other Home Party companies and want your opinions.

I'm with Star Gold Party.

A little background about us:
Star Gold Party is quite unique and different. We don't sell anything - We buy Old, Broken and Unwanted Gold Jewelry in a Home Party setting. Instead of spending money, everyone goes home with money!

We are a well established precious metals refining company with offices in London, Los Angeles and Connecticut and have 25 years experience in international precious metals buying and refining.

Star Gold Party creates a fun and exciting "girls night out" type of party atmosphere where the guests tell each other the story behind each piece of jewelry, the story about the ex-husband or ex-boyfriend who bought it, or compare the pieces to see who has the ugliest old gold jewelry. A few drinks and a lot more laughs later, everybody goes home with money, OR guests can use this money to spend on one of our partners Home Party products.

Here's the part about partnering with other reps:
We are current expanding and are looking for opportunities to partner with other local home party representatives to evaluate and buy Gold in a home party like setting allowing their guests to have more money to spend with their parties. Star Gold Party funds ALL Gold purchases!
There would be NO investment on the part of the other Home Party Reps and they would also share in the profits from the Gold Buying.

It's a win-win. We're not in competition with them because we're not selling against them - we're buying old and unwanted jewelry and providing their guests with more disposable income to spend.

Do you think other Home Party Reps would welcome this type of money making partnership?
Thanks for your feedback.

Star Gold Party
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