Working Fairs

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Working Fairs

Postby Stefanny » Mon Aug 07, 2006 2:41 pm

Hi i wasnt sure where to post this question or need of advice....I am gettting ready to work my first fair and was looking for some ideas of things to hand out to get my name out there i was thinking of each catalog putting a flyer ont he front to offer an insentive of some sort either to get them to order or book their own show... what do you think>> any ideas would be great.

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Postby tonja » Mon Aug 07, 2006 6:26 pm

I do ALOT of craft shows, fairs ect with all of my assorted Biz - I sell the items that I have in stock - I dont give out catalogs (as that gets costly) unless they buy something or they ask for one or the show is coming to and end and I have alot left LOL

I have each of my catalog pages in plastic sheet covers and in clear front covered notebooks, these are sitting on the tables with the items - this allows folks o look at the catalog, rather then throw away later

If you have any sort of sale going on perhaps create a flyer for it with your info - if you have business cards have them on the table avail at ALL times!

I am uncertian as to what type of Biz you have- if you have any low cost samples perhaps give them out, if you do some sort of demo then do that - but DO be certain to have your Biz cards - and on the back of a few maybe write free ship with 1st order or 10% off - do this random on the cards and be sure that you put an expiration date with those so that they order faster and you can remember where they got your card

If you can have some sort of drawing that might help, or some sort of lead slips for their contact info and they can fill out for you to call at a later date? - dont be overly pushy - I have seen folks stray from the pushy reps LOL

Hope this is some sort of help- they are fun but at times can be frustrating !
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