Recruiting Lead Tip Sheet

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Recruiting Lead Tip Sheet

Postby ravish30 » Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:45 am

Recruit Lead Tip Sheet

Good solid leads not only increase your chances of recruiting new agents, they also increase your unit strength! To help you increase your recruiting success here are a few tips on what to look and listen for when gathering recruit leads.

People who need extra money.

People who are bored.

Someone who is temporarily out of work (male or female).

Party guests who give the most input about your product.

The guest with the largest order.

Guests who ask lots of questions.

Part time worker.

Mothers with small children.

Women whose families are grown.

People who bring extra guests to a show.

People who are not working now but would like to find something to occupy their time.

Anyone who stares at you during the presentation.

The guest who picks up a product and demonstrates it.

The guest who lingers after the presentation.

The person who is naturally attracted to you as a person.

Anyone who needs money or is dissatisfied with their job.

The person who is looking to buy a car or any type of luxury.

People who want promotions at their job.

People who nod their head when you give your recruit talk.

The person who is kid crazy and needs a night cut.

The person who is 40 middle class and bored
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