We are the new girl in town!

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We are the new girl in town!

Postby vibrantlyviv » Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:06 pm

Move over ladies! VIVIANE is back on the scene and we are better than ever! From the glamour faces of Hollywood to the edgy faces of today we have been doing the right thing for over 50 years. With a new forward-thinking woman at the helm, we are expanding, updating, and re-emerging as the definitive skincare/cosmetic company of the future. We patented the three step skincare system. We created the first water-based skincare line in conjunction with the Hollywood Makeup Artists society because the simple fact is that Faces love MOISTURE! It's so simple, it's revolutionary! I talk to customers every day who have been using our products for 40 years and swear by their quality. Our products deliver on their promises!

All of this means that you have a unique opportunity to be part of an established proven product line but one that is just now emerging on the direct sales scene. It is the best of both worlds! I am a founding consultant of our new company and I am eager to show you why you should consider VIVIANE. We have the BEST compensation plan I have ever seen. Here are some highlights:

1. No inventory--ever
2. Starting commission is 35%
3. 5% business supply credit--use for catalogs, samples, etc
4. 8 streams of income, highest level is National Executive Trainer--no personal sales requirement

SO MUCH MORE! Just ask me for information or call me to discuss further! (904) 316-9982
Pamela Ramsey,
Founder and Associate Director
(904) 316-9982

Proven Products that deliver on their promises. Unparalleled income opportunity. Now looking for our first 100 skinspecialists! Explore the VIVIANE difference
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