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Hi from Sabika

Postby Shihtzumama1 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:35 pm

Hi all. I'm happy to have found this site. I am a Sabika consultant in an area where Sabika is unknown. Sabika is unknown in many places -LOL -- it is a company that sells Austrian Crystal Jewelry. The company started small is going national. The good - it's a great opportunity. The bad - my up-line is 800 miles away and I am flying solo. There are no local consultants other than myself. No team meetings, no trainings. There is a monthly call for those of us who live far away from corporate. I did my first open house and 1st party without another consultant there to help. Neither open house nor party were successful (no one was familiar with the company). Another negative - I am rusty. If anyone has suggestions about how to get a product into a new territory I would love to hear them. Also, what books, websites, cd's, etc. have you found helpful in building your business from the bottom up - booking parties, recruiting, etc.? There are SO MANY websites that want to sell you trainings - cd's, webinars, etc. It's hard to determine what is good and what is not. Thanks. I am really looking forward to participating in this forum.
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