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Climbing the leadership ladder!! :)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:58 pm
by Madisonbags33
I am so excited!! It won't be official until another week but I just signed on my 10th teammate this week and I will soon be getting a huge promotion to Team Leader!! The crazy part is that I just promoted last month to Associate Leader for having only 3+ women under me. I've only been with Madison Handbags for a year and it's only been within the last four months that I've actually tried to recruit people. The crazy part is that once I started thinking about it and focusing on it, it's like the universe just started sending people my way! Of course I'm excited for all the financial rewards (I get a Tiffany bracelet, $200 month stipend, increased commissions from 20-25% and, of course, more downline commissions as my team grows) but mostly I'm really excited about seeing my team grow and helping women be successful with their own business. I think I'm more excited for some of their successes then I am for my own! :)

Anyway, because it's unofficial still I can't spread the word but I needed to share my excitement with someone and who better than you ladies? Thanks for listening! :)