Greeting Cards

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Greeting Cards

Postby Jan » Sun Jul 08, 2007 1:49 pm

Hi all. Wanted to tell you about SendOutCards, a web based service where you can send REAL, printed greeting cards from your home computer with the click of a mouse. You choose the card, type in your special message, click send and we do all the rest...print, stuff, stamp and mail it for you. These are NOT e-cards!! All this for less than a card bought at the store.

Also gives you a data base to store all your contacts names, addresses and information plus an online calandar system that will automatically remind you of birthdays, anniversaries or special events. You will never miss or forget an occasion again. The service is fantastic for home based businesses, small businesses and other networkers.

SendOutCards gives you the mechanism to send "Thank You for Your Business" cards, invitations, cards to thank your hostesses or cards to your downline to congratulate and motivate them. The system is so easy to use and great for growing your business from repeat sales and referrals. I think we should all be sending cards to let people know they are special, valued and appreciated. And people LOVE to get cards!!!

Please visit my website for additional information and you can send a card on me to try it out. We are the "Law of Attraction" in ACTION!!!

Changing Lives...One Card at a Time!!!
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