Just simple manners

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Just simple manners

Postby thecosmeticjunkie » Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:10 am

What has happened to just simple manners and courtesy! I have taught my kids to hold the door open behind them no matter who is behind them, man, woman, child, elderly, young...well you get it. It is just common manners and it is the polite thing to do.

I am so tired of people who see that I behind them, with a toddler wrapped in my arms usually, a huge ass diaper bag, and ya think they would bother to see if someone needs the door held open? NOT!

I can't even tell you how many times I have actually almost walked into a door because I just assumed the person in front of me would hold it open. Now because I have a big mouth, I always have to make a comment like "nice manners", "thanks for holding the door, me and my flat faced baby appreciate it", "didn't your mama teach you manners?"
Of course my kids go into hiding at this point, but my point is made. I do not whisper my comments, I simply say them so they are heard.

If someone drops something and I can pick it up for them I will. The other day I was at the Walgreens, and of course, that same big ass diaper bag fell out of my hand and was unzipped and everything went rolling. I am on my hands and knees gathering my stuff, trying to reach under my car, and would you believe people just kept walking. Now, I am an adult, and you might say that I didn't need any help, yes, that is true, not an emergency where I was in danger, but it was freezing out that day, I had no gloves on and the baby was screaming in the car. It just wouldv'e been nice if someone offered to help.

I appreciate when I see my kids exhibiting manners without me having to tell them. At least I did that right. Now if only they would stop taking back but that is another post on another day!

OK, thanks for listening..I feel better now :D
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Postby silverlover2 » Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:17 pm

I was always told that "Manners are CAUGHT, not TAUGHT!" I firmly believe that as well! If you practice them yourselves, your children will catch on and carry on the correct thing to do in any circumstances: table manners, please/thank you, holding the door, helping and politeness.

Unfortuneately in today's society, many have forgotten what it means to be polite and have manners. It is very sad - I especially see it when hosting my jewelry shows. On every invitation that leaves my office (around 200 or more a month), I ask for an RSVP or REGRETS ONLY with the hostess phone number. Hardly anybody ever responds! Maybe a few or select handfull! It is rediculous! I always RSVP to whatever I am invited to, whether I can attend or not.

Keep up the great work on helping your children CATCH what the polite thing to do is - I wish everybody did!

Nancy :)

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Postby taraburner » Sat Jan 19, 2008 5:01 pm

ohhh Christine you and I would be dangerous out in public together because well my DD can vouch, she's hidden behind me a few times cuz' of my mouth and the lack of manners and common courtesy of others.
I feel your pain!
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Postby ccarroll » Sat Jan 26, 2008 11:39 am

LOL I say things too! :shock:

I once was walking into the groc store after a rain storm holding my son, who was probably around 2 maybe and I slipped on the wet grass falling forward onto my knees slamming Zac's head into the cement. OMG I could hear the cantalope sound. Cripes! He was screaming and I was still on the ground holding him rocking back and forth. Not one peson stopped to help or check on us ... WTF?

Also I had to fly to my parents when he was a baby alone. So here you are lugging a baby seat, a stroller, a backpack, your luggage and a baby and no one helps. The freaking security people made me take him out of his stroller (pre 9-11) and I was pissed. You could talk back to them then, so I was like "you have got to be kidding! Like I am going to strap a bomb to my baby. Do you have any idea how hard it is to juggle all of this stuiff? I hope you have 10 minutes, coz it is going to take me a while to unload all of this stuff and get it reloaded again! " They just stared at me... not helping and trust me, I took my time. dorks!

grrrrrrrrrrrr.... now on the other hand, my son rushes to help people all the time and holds doors for everyonw. He is so sweet!

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Postby sarahbendt » Tue Mar 18, 2008 12:01 am

I know what you mean about manners. My daughter had a volleyball game a few years back and I went out to watch her play. When I was pulling into the parking lot, it was winter and the parking lot was icy, as I was trying to find a place to park I noticed an older women who had fell on the ice and couldn't get up. People were getting out of there cars and walking right by her. I could not BELIEVE no one would stop and help her. I was outraged!!!! I stopped my car in the middle of the parking lot and got out to help her, and would you believe there were people behind my car that were getting ticked and honking there horn because my car was in their way. What the heck is wrong with people these days?
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Postby babyboomerbev » Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:11 am

Manners and language is my big gripe. At the flea market last weekend I had a group of young people by my booth looking at some jewelry I have and the language was terrible, the girls were worse than the boys..Finally, I had enough, I asked them to please watch their mouths because I did not like the language and to show a little respect for the other people in the flea market who did not like the talk and that there was little kids in there. Well needless to say...lost a sale but I don't care. No one should have to listen to that kind of language. In fact on my blog I wrote about this. My kids are grown, and they know not to talk like that around me...
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