I have a Big "Vent"

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I have a Big "Vent"

Postby sarahbendt » Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:52 pm

I am a waitress and anyone that works with the public can probably relate. I had a table of 8 people tonight and they were a BIG PAIN in my $*$. They wanted this and that and this and that......and I was the only waitress and extremely busy, it was St Patrick's Day. They left me NO tip at all!!!! Some people have some nerve! If you don't want to leave a tip go to a fast food place!!!!
There were other "pain in the you no what" people there tonight too! Can't people tell that you are running your butt off.
Even before I waited tables I always told my waitresses that were extremely busy not to worry about checking back until she had time. I know that they are only "Human" and that they can only do so much.
Maybe it is just our society now....everything has to be instantaneous!!!!
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Postby cinnamonmomof3 » Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:43 am

I can totally relate!!!! I’m a waitress too and have been for a few years now. It’s a huge bummer to run you a** off and not get tipped, and for a party of 8, I would be unhappy.

The other thing people don’t understand is that while, yes, tips are not required, the government expects that we are getting tips and we have to claim a % of our sales as tipped income, weather we get it or not the government thinks we do.

I can understand not tipping a horrible waitress, but before you go that route, look around, is your waitress busy? Are there other factors that could be at play?

We are servers, not servants!
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Postby silverspangled » Fri Apr 11, 2008 1:57 pm

Well spoken girlfriend!
I waitressed for almost 10 years and let me tell you about rude people!!!!
Small diner in a very Pennsylvania Dutch town..old dutch people are the worst and they're cheap! Sometimes, they would leave me a dime or a nickel! %*&@#$

Now, when I go out to eat, I am friendly to the waitresses and I tip big. Only after you waitress, do you realize that they are not servants.
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