Rude Guests at Parties

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I have had a guest like that at my starter party

Postby DLuvsCandles » Fri Aug 26, 2005 11:02 pm

My Asst managers friend came with her, and she was talking about stuff that shouldn't been talked about durning my show. It was really embarrasing. I don't know if my unit leader heard, and there were 2 moms who I watch their children there also. And one of my good friends. and few others. I hope they didn't hear her! I did. And it made me mad. She did order a huge amount. But I don't think she will be invited back to any of my parties. Even my manager told her to stop it.
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Bad party.

Postby gigglewithjenn » Fri May 05, 2006 8:44 am

I just had to tell my story.LOL. I just started with Giggle Parties a little while ago. I had my first show 2 weeks ago.WELL it was a dandy!!
First of all I get there and the house is disgusting! Then there were 2 little girls outside(the guys kids) and they closed the door and made them stay outside with the neighbors. Then only 6 people showed up(the hostess didn't even send out the invites, so wasted money). she and another guest are both very pregnant.well, after starting her phones(both of them) started ringing. She answered every call right there.Then they talked the whole time .They were all very young the oldest was 25.I did my show and told her we would close it out, well noone could because of pay day excpt 1 girl.I told them I would come back in so many day to be ready and get outside orders.Then they ALL booked shows for the summer.Well I only got 1 order.The hostess told me she had orders and did not.She didn't even order.well I wasted 2 trips down there (about a 40 minute drive), I really do not think they are ever going to order, I think I am just their entertainment for the night. So I talked to my sponsors,etc. and I am cancelling the booked shows because I do not trust them at all, oh and evryone having a show is having it at the original hostesses house...weird all the way around! Very angry!!!! Just thought I would share.
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I have a couple of things to share...

Postby soylightvicki » Fri May 05, 2006 9:49 am

I was at a joint party once and the other consultant (who was selling jewelry) announced during her presentation that the jewelry would come individually wrapped not like other companies, where the poor hostess would have to sort and package everything. She then realized what she had said, and turned to me and said "Whoops, guess that's how your candles will come, right? Sorry!" She was a friend, so I think she truly was sorry - it was part of her presentation so she just said it automatically. It kind of stunk for me though!

My last party was a bit of a flop with some rude guests. I am not a pushy salesperson because I myself hate that. I was trying to talk to the hostess's mother, and she was extremely cold to me - very wary like I was trying to get one over on her. After my presentation, the hostess's mother came up to me and in a rude tone said "Where is your cheapest candle? I don't like candles very much." Then angrily wrote out a check for the total amount and left. I had another person ask for the cheapest candle, and then they were complaining about the shipping and handling charges. I did get a booking from this party - I hope that it goes better than this one did!
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okay- I've got one here for all of you ladies...

Postby Rosalee » Mon May 29, 2006 3:58 pm

What would you do? I have a soon-to-be recruit -that I'm trying to recruit for Home & Garden Party. The problem is this; The mother of the daughter has booked catalog parties in the past & has failed to follow through & get any orders.She really like Home & Garden Party products but not well enough to get off her butt & get the orders, even after I have hostess coached her & pointed out different ways she could get the products that she wants. Her daughter is looking for a job & loves the fact that she'll be paid the night of her party & will not have to wait to get a check in the mail. I set up a time with this young lady, so that I could properly introduce the Home & Garden Program to her- (she lives with her mother)she's not quite old enough to move out of the house yet, she'll be 18 in a few months. beside the point. She couldn't make the appointment with me, so I asked her to call me,and I sent over her Hostess packet to her because she agreed to do a party. She has not called me back & I have no proof, but I feel the mother is enterferring in this- even though she said she'd sign the agreement for her. Any suggestions? All Ideas are welcome.
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Postby LorettaA » Tue Jul 04, 2006 5:25 pm

Yes. My rude guest, or rude guest at other parties, is my sister. :lol:

I always have to tell her to stop talking and pay attention. Oh, and she's a teacher...hmmm. :o
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