FREE to join! No kits to buy! No obligation whatsover!

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FREE to join! No kits to buy! No obligation whatsover!

Postby Deb » Fri Jun 08, 2007 9:24 am

Ok...this is sort of a vent so I decided to post this here instead of in the "Business discussion" section because lately its driving me a little crazy.

When I see ads like; FREE to join, No kits or products to buy, No obligation whatsoever, No risk I cringe. :?

I see sooooo many party plan folks and networkers looking for that FREE deal that is gonna make them money.

Nothing to buy...

No commitment whatsoever..

FREE to join...

What I have found in this industry in the last 10 years or so is that 99% of people who are looking for a FREE deal dont do a darn thing once they join.

They got in for nothing.

They paid nothing on their business,products to show,leads, a business dvd,flyers,samples,business cards,nothing.

They put nothing into it at all. No effort hence they made...nothing. :lol:

I got news for you.

There is no FREE LUNCH!

If you want something for nothing you will be very sorrily disappointed.

I see such small thinking people scared to death to take any kind of risk,even a small one.Hobbyists who do not take their business SERIOUS as a business!
Most of them are not even making $10.00 a month.

One post I seen the other day on another forum made me scratch my head.

This gal was once in a food direct sales company(one I just joined myself but more on that later.LOL) and she outright said that she could not keep up with her "tiny" $100.00 quarterly quota.
That is a mere $35.00 a month.
This person drank coffee and ate food. :lol:
This person could have EASILY spent the $35.00 a month on herself as EVERYONE eats and the prices are unreal!
But she felt that she could not keep that up???
How can anyone claim to be in direct sales if they cant even maintain a tiny $35.00 a month quota?
That company pays 40% retail commission!
Thats the only requirement they ask from you in order to keep your distributorship and get your delicious food,coffee,tea's,deserts,mixes for a 40% discount!.
I know of one company (food and spices) that only pays 25% retail commission and if you want to earn downline bonuses you need to PERSONALLY sell $1000.00 of products a month yourself!
Yet this person thought $35.00 a month was too "STRESSFUL" :mrgreen:

I seen another post on a message board and THIS ONE really took the biscuit.

Is everyone sitting down? LOL

This gal was in Fuller Brush and she was only $2.00 under from her montly quota so she was asking for help for sales.


All she had to do was sell one lousy brush for a few bucks(figure of speech folks,Fuller Brush's brushes are not lousy they are great quality! LOL) yet she couldnt do that?

I seen another ad the other day.
Someone advertising for their company.
Of course it was FREE to join,no quota's,obligations of any kind and you could QUIT at any time.

That is exactly what she said.

You can quit at any time!

Now...WHY would someone advertise that and actually look for people to quit???

When you put that out into the Universe that is EXACTLY what you will get!


As a matter of fact when you word it like that those that do join you wont even QUIT because they will never even get started.

My hair stood on end when I read that.

You can "quit" at any time.

Im not looking for quitters,hobbyists,folks who want a free lunch and wont work.

Im looking for people serious about making money.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with only wanting to earn an extra $500.00 a month or so if that is what someone wants and as a matter of fact this industry makes up 90% of those people. Part timers.
Those who consistently work their business part time who achieve their goals are winners.
My thread is not about that

Its the ones who want to join for nothing, pay nothing,do nothing and expect to build a business!.
Thats an absolute laugh.

Treat your business like a business.
Every business has "expenses".
Its not any different in Direct Sales.
And please STOP advertsing for and looking for "quitters".

Thats my rant.

I feel so much better now! :)

Deb 8)
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Postby missyroth » Fri Jun 08, 2007 4:42 pm

In reply to your vent, you're talking about two different sales and personal consumption. If you're short $2, yeah, it makes sense to buy something yourself or beg your mom to buy a brush, I've done that many times. But if you're talking about buying $35/month to keep your business going - not getting any sales from people, and family not liking the mixes) - that's not direct sales, that's personal consumption, and at the time, the company didn't have more than a couple of coffees, which is my bigger personal preference than the food mixes, which I didn't like that much. My personal plan with direct sales businesses is to jump in and try them out to see if I like them (you don't always get the right answers from people trying to recruit, even when you ask the right questions), and if I don't, I don't stay with them. What's to scratch your head about? Why does not liking a company's products and not wanting to put my personal $ in each month (which is choice, not "STRESSFUL") mean I'm a quitter in direct sales?

This is the last I'll post about this, but you have to watch what you're talking about in your complaints, and when bringing someone else into your complaint, you need to know the facts. Vent away about people wanting something for nothing, but leave me out of it.

P.S. this company is free to start, with no purchase required.
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Postby Deb » Fri Jun 08, 2007 4:52 pm


Sorry maybe I worded myself wrong as happens often on forums.

Yes personal consumption is a different thing than direct sales.
My POINT was and maybe I didnt word it right that at the very least someone can easily use up that tiny $35.00 on their own consumption.
As for selling the products?
I cant see how $35.00 would be difficult.
Not with low priced items that everyone uses.
Thats nothing.
As for me?
I have never "begged" anyone to buy my products.
I dont have to.
They buy of their own accord.

For some reason you are taking my post "personally" and I have no clue why.
I dont even know you.

And my rant still stands.

The fact is MOST(the key word here is MOST,not all) people who want everything for FREE do nothing then quit.
Its just a statistical fact of the industry!. :)

Its a statistical fact that most people "quit".

They either never start or jump from deal to deal edspecially the FREE deals.

Just a fact so my rant stands.

Thanks for your reply!.

Have a great night.

Deb 8)
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Postby tonja » Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:16 am

I can see both sides of you 2 ladies posts- I will give an example that I think goes with what Deb is talking about

I have a Team of almost 20 -there are a couple who are working thier Biz- MOST of them do not order until, I send out the email telling who is going to be cut for the quarter for being inactive - now to remain active it takes 1 ANY $ amount order Per quarter - ANY $ amount mind you
And the products are bath & body(stuff we ALL use or I would hope do - DAILY) - so if you are buying from yourself there are benefits
1) become familiar with the products- then you can honestly tell others about the products
2) How can you ask others to buy from your Biz when you don't
BUT so many like I said ONLY place an order when it is time to be cut - it is appearant they are not working thier Biz, and why they place a $2.30 order to remain part of a Biz they are not working I do not understand - For whatever the reason if they are not going to work the Biz I would think they would leave BUT they stay on
AND then I get emails from them -They ae having money troubles and cant order - I can understand money troubles - BUT do they not still NEED Soap !Or they write No body wants to buy the products - well they dont realize they need products to show the customers, they need to work to advertise and get people aware of the Biz & products - that they are NOT going to get rich over night if they dont put out some effort

But to go with the post by Missy - I too have signed up with Businesses, then tried products to see if I would like them - ordered lots got ALOT of stock built up - put out ALOT of money - then experienced people NOT buying no matter what I do - and then I dont want to to the required amount to stay active cause that just ADDS to my stock- So even though it was a SMALL amout to stay active - I did not think it fair to my upline, the company to stay on with something I could not do - and I could NOT get anyone - friends, family, strangers to buy - so even though I Like the products and feel it is a good company the best choice for me was to leave that Biz

BUT I have come across MANY ads that make it see too good to be true and those sorta things really are
Now there are times when a Biz will go really GREAT then you hit a slump- ALL seem to have those months when things are just slow to no orders - this is when I might need to place a personal order to keep active - or offer someone My Discount to order to help me stay active - considering I am right now with 4 Biz (MY choice BUT I love them all) and I am the ONLY source of income in my home(work FT outside the home) keeping up with even a small requirement when it is x4 can be hard - BUT offer up my discount and I can make it through the times when money did become tight - car broke down, I was sick and could not sell like I needed, death in family took me away from selling, or whatever the cause might be

Anyway that is my take on both of your posts - no intentions on upsetting anyone - I see both sides( guess that comes from being a Libra LOL), I see the ads that are just tooooo wild with what they SAY can be achieved - and am surprised people fall for them - I have experienced the NO bying Reps - I have experienced the hard times meeting required sales to stay active

Lets just HOPE that Everyone can find the things that is right for them, that they all get AWESOME teams and that we ALL can make money doing SOMETHING we LOVE - is that not the desired END outcome we were seeking when we started !

GREAT day to ALL
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Postby Deb » Sun Jun 10, 2007 9:53 am

Hi Tonja.

Wonderful reply thanks!!.

You said, MOST people do not place their order until you "notify" them they are about to become "inactive".

"Most" you said...and hence thats my point exactly! :mrgreen:

Most folks need prodding,reminding,whatever.

Most people do nothing...edspecially with the Free deals.(Or VERY low monthly quota's)

This business by and large is a COACHING business. We are not just in sales.
It involves a lot of personal contacts,follow up's,reminders etc..
One successful networker friend of mine refered to it as babysitting sometimes. lol

Also I agree with you 100% that you absolutely have to believe in what you are selling,otherwise you feel like you are "begging".
How can you sell products that you dont really like and believe in yourself?
That company is not for you then...and thats ok.
There are THOUSANDS of Direct Sales companies out there to choose from. :D

I have never begged anyone,family,friends,whoever to buy products from me.

I SHARE what I have.

If they are interested in what I have to offer and they feel they have a need they buy,if not they dont.
No big deal.
I dont "chase" people with my business. :lol:

I have two great product lines to offer people.
The best aloe based skin care and now great food products of over 150 to choose from!!
There is something for everybody and everybody has to eat!.
Just like with your business Tonja,you said that people still need to use soap!.
All they have to do is switch stores.
I guess I dont understand why this is so difficult.
It makes total sense to me.
If the products were something that they could NOT use on a daily basis and they were being asked to spend $200.00 a month or more on products that they dont need or want and they have bills due then I can understand that edspecially when they are first starting out.

This business is very simple but people (me,you,everyone) tend to complicate it.

I have been in this industry on and off for about 10 years.
I have been with companies that folded on me and...when I was doing so good too.
I have been with high quota,high volume companies and I have been with free to join,tiny quota companies too and believe it or not the most successful businesses for me was with the high volume companies!.
They joined,bought hundreds(some thousands) of dollars of products,went to work,recruited a storm and my volume went through the roof.
They NEVER complained that they could not afford it.

Wild huh?

Thats just been my experience and that of many other networkers I know.

You see with a free to join,you dont have to buy anything program it is so EASY to just not do anything,to not take it seriously.
It takes incredible SELF MOTIVATION and CONSISTENCY to do this business and that goes for me as well.
It takes incredible focus.
If you join a company and you spend hundreds of dollars you are going to want to recoup that money back,you are really going to FEEL like you are in business.
You have products on hand to show people,you have business tool etc.
I know people who join companies with 0$ and say well I will sign up TODAY but I cant place an order until next week or two weeks from now.
In that case I tell them not to sign up then if they are feeling the "pinch" of being low on money (Hey I have been there a lot)
I tell them to join when they have some money to spend because if they join WITHOUT buying a thing the CHANCES of them ever buying anything EVER is next to nill. :roll:
Plus I dont want to see a bunch of names in my downline group in my back office who all ordered NOTHING.
Thats nuts.

Anyway, Im rambling so I will get off my soap box now.
Its Sunday.. 8)

Great reply Tonja! :wink:

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Postby earth gifts » Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:03 am

Bottom line takes money to make money. If you don't invest in your business via products, samples, brochures, advertising, biz supplies, etc., you're not going to do very well.

Having said that, a lot of people just join for the discount, so no, they're not going to work the biz.

I can appreciate your feeling about wanting SERIOUS people on your team. I do too! However, I've found that in any DS biz, you're always going to get those that don't work. It's frustrating, but there's really nothing you can do except encourage them and teach them to do what you are doing.
earth gifts
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Postby Deb » Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:17 am

Jackie you said it.

It takes money to make money.

Have a great day!

Deb 8)
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Postby jewelry4u » Sat Jun 23, 2007 10:02 am

With everything that has been said...I want to add that my Company offers a FREE sign up. I always clarify it with Ask Me How. It requires a starter show of $400 and commitment to holding 4 shows in 4 weeks. This is so simple to do and gives a Consultant the opportunity to see if Direct Sales is what they want to be in.

I make sure that I explain this in detail. This is exactly how I joined and I have worked my business and promoted twice in less than 4 months. I have found that more people who do this instead of purchasing a kit have done more with their business. When they hold 4 shows they get bookings from those shows and so on. There are some that have simply "purchased their kit" and never held a show or turned in one order.

I think the bottom line is, no matter how they join, some are going to work the business and some are not.
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Postby ravish30 » Wed Jul 11, 2007 9:49 am

I second everything that has already been said.

People need to realize that they MUST set a schedule and work their business. Customers do NOT magically find you, Party hosts do not magically knock on your door.

To make a good living in a DS business you have to work hard, educate yourself about your business, be proactive and get out there and WORK IT.
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Postby AvParties4u » Wed Jul 11, 2007 4:27 pm


It takes alot of time, money, commitment and consistency to build your
business and make money. You have to work your business. And in time,
after working your business a little bit every day and being consistent
you will see the rewards.
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Postby fourpointprofit » Sun Jul 15, 2007 11:51 am

And remember advertising all the free benefits doesn't always bring you the people you are looking for....If you are looking for motivated people, let them know the creditials, the real opportunity in it for them, and exactly what it will take to make the business work...Those looking for a real opportunity will want to know those things....

Those are the type of people I am looking for! People looking for a real quality business opportunity with a awesome business!! So be sure to re-read and re-write your advertisements and decide what type of person this ad will be attracting!
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