Tupperware Online Party. Save 50 % off ends this Friday

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Tupperware Online Party. Save 50 % off ends this Friday

Postby TupperwareConsuelo » Tue May 27, 2008 11:55 am

I can help save you time, space and money. Our FridgeSmart container set is on sale until this Friday, May 30th. Our containers help your fruit and vegetables last longer. May is a great time to reorganize your refrigerator, and this sensational offer on FridgeSmart® lets you take full advantage of your available space.

The innovative FridgeSmart® product line features a unique, adjustable venting system that helps maximize the storage life of fruits and vegetables. Most pieces (excluding the Mini and Small containers) include a permanent storage chart. Perfect for any home, this 8 pc. set includes two each of the Mini, Small and Medium FridgeSmart® Containers, plus a Medium Long and a Medium Deep container. And now they're in sensational summer colors!

Here is the link to the online party, http://tinyurl.com/6n9sou


Tupperware is now sold in more than 100 countries. Every 2.5 seconds, a Tupperware party is held somewhere in the world.

Tupperware is more than just products for the home? That's right. We also do demos to help you see, taste, feel and experience our products to see for yourself why we are so excited about it.

Join the party and start your search for: Cookware, Special Recipes, Classic Tupperware Toys, Tableware, Tupperware Dinnerware, Bakeware, Kitchenware, Gifts, Storage Containers, Organization Products, Food Prep Items and Gifts!

Visit my Product Page.

I am currently accepting bookings for ONLINE Tupperware Parties and for OFFLINE Book-Order parties. Please email me if you would like to schedule a party!

* Experience our Lifetime Warranty Guarantee. Your broken or defective pieces may be covered.

* Open a Gift Registry

* See what is currently on sale

* View Our Online Fundraiser, Full-line and Monthly Sale Catalogs

* Have a Tupperware Fundraiser for your group or organization to keep 40% of its fundraising profit

* Host or attend an Online Party. If you want to Open-Up your Online E-Party right away, just click on the Party Icon on my website, within 3 minutes your online 14 day E-Party will be opened!

* Host a Catalog Book Party to earn your FREE Tupperware Products, please email me with your Contact Info! (USA Only).

* Learn how to Earn FREE Tupperware Products

* Become a Tupperware Consultant

* Contact me if you want to receive notifications via email or receive sale catalogs in the mail. (USA Only).

* Contact me if you want a FREE Tupperware Catalog Postal Mailed to you so that you can shop comfortably at home. Just email me with your info! (USA Only).

Looking forward to working for you soon!
Tupperly Yours,
Consuelo Williams
Authorized Independent Tupperware Consultant for Help and Sales

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