You are invited: I Remember When Online Scrapbooking party!

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You are invited: I Remember When Online Scrapbooking party!

Postby pjn1958 » Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:06 am

Greetings fellow scrappers:

Here are the details for my party:
Where: Direct sales party online ... Party.html
When: 9:30 pm eastern / 8:30 central / 7:30 mountain / 6:30 pacific (You might want to login early to get ready for the fun!)
Date: Thursday September 27, 2007

The first thing to know is that you need to have Java installed on your computer to enter the private chat room. If you are not sure whether you have it, check your control panel for a Java icon or check your Add/Remove section of your control panel to see if Java is there, or ask the tech-saavy expert in your house! If you need to download Java do it here: (It is a free download).

Please feel free to call me or e-mail with any questions you have about this. And a word about this chat room: The word chat room may have bad connotations for you, if so, please know this is a private chat room and only those invited can come and chat. And we will only be talking fun scrapping stuff!

Many modern computer systems are now equipped with popup-blockers. Web sites, and popups launched from the chat room may be prevented by your browser if this is the case. To override, simply hold down the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard while clicking on a popup link or button.

Click on this Direct Sales Party link to enter my party: ... Party.html

In the white box in the middle of your screen, you will need to type in a username (anything you want) and login to the chat room. (The password is optional). Be sure to start typing in the provided chat window and tell me that you are there so I can put you on my list. Remember I am playing a "secret" game so I need to know you are there. For this game the more you participate the more points you will earn. I will also be playing a trivia game on my online store the first 1/2 hour:

So you may want to visit there before the party to become familiar with it! If there is time, the second 1/2 hour I will play a scavenger hunt game on our I Remember When website catalog page (or you can use your own catalogs) I will be using the current Spring/Summer Supplement. You can view that catalog here:

This supplement is the last one at the bottom right of this page. At the end of the party I will give away a couple of door prizes so stay until the end! There are other parties before and after mine that you may be interested in. The whole evening starts at 7:30 pm eastern time, 6:30 central, 5:30 mountain time, and 4:30 pacific time; and is over at 11:00 pm eastern time.

Finally, I hope you will be making any purchases that you need from me tonight. You can do that directly on my online store using PayPal or Google Checkout. If you know you want something that is not on my store but is in the catalog, I would be happy to order it for you. I will be placing an order tomorrow. Just e-mail me or call with your order by Saturday night, September 29th.

Remember that for every $25 in product ordered the night of the party, you will receive a free gift! Book a home party or online party with me and receive a gift! Also, if you are "bringing" a friend that I did not originally invite, you will receive a gift from me. And don't forget the game prizes and door prizes!

I look forward to a fun evening with you!
Paula Jo Nyman
I Remember When Independent Instructor and Team Leader
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