Online Parties - What works

Share your best tips on holding online parties! What games work best? What is the best way to encourage attendance?

Online Parties - What works

Postby Petlane » Wed Jun 20, 2007 2:38 pm

Hi All~

Just wanted to get any feedback/ideas anyone has on doing online parties.

My first one was a disaster--I used Skype (so everyone could Skype in for free) and ran a PowerPoint displaying approx 12 products. Not only did I only have 2 of 12 confirmed guests show up, but there were people joining the call who were not "invited" and being "disruptive" so I spent most of my time blocking people from participating as they joined the presentation. (Although there were no sales from the two who witnesses THAT fiasco, one did participate in my second online party and is considering becoming a pet advisor!)

My second one--while much better (I hosted it privately thru a friend's WebEx account) STILL was not what I was hoping for. I coached my hostess and she had 8 confirmed guests of which only 3 participated. I personally invited 4 other guests, two of whom showed up. With 5 guests and a hostess, sales were BARELY $200--the minimum for a qualifying PAWTY. (An in-home demo and 5 guests typically looks like a $350 pawty for me--and a very happy hostess!)

When I do in-home pawties, I call each of my hostesses guests prior to the Pawty--find out if their dog/cat/bird has any "issues" or if there's anything in particular they are looking for. (I've found calling them also helps "connect" us, so they are more likely to show the eve of the Pawty.) I had an EXTREMELY difficult time making this connection with my potential online pawty guests.

If there's anyone out there with any successes, I'd sure love to hear from you! # of guests invited, what (if anything) you sent them beforehand to make the presentation flow smoothly, how your hostess was important in making the pawty a success, etc.

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