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Open House Party Theme

Postby justjewelrydiva » Tue May 26, 2009 6:49 pm

I love the way we do our parties.

Just Jewelry highly encourages us to use the Open House format than the traditional presentation format.

Of course we ALWAYS talk to the hostess first to see what she is comfortable with, but we make sure we explain the Open house for her to choose.

It's basically what we all do..especially those that are launching their first show.

It's more of a social setting. You (or the hostess) invites other over, talk, laugh drink, try on jewelry and we at Just Jewelry do cash and carry, so they can take their purchases with them right away, or if they don't see a piece they place their order with me.

This does a few things:
Takes the pressure off of the consultant, especially one that is not good at standing in front of people.
No worries about people arriving 'late' in the middle of a presentation.
No games to play - unless they want to. But in the setting it'll be fun!
No sales pressure.
Ladies always want to see and feel their jewelry anyway, but to be able to try it on and take home their purchases? That's AWESOME.

The hostess will also feel more at ease.

When the guests see he consultant's enthusiam (both in presentations and Open House) but in Open houses when they see how relaxed it is, the consultant laughing and talking with everyone, and answering questions as they see fit, people will see the simplicity of the business too! And maybe even say, 'I can do THIS!'

I mean you can throw a BBQ Open house and invite people over for food and drinks (if you do that) and they come and go as they please, buy up their jewelry or place orders and enjoy themselves. lol I wouldn't do this OFTEN. Just that it's a less intimate setting.

Just another option, and I'm finding it works well!
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