20 Seasonal Home Party Theme Ideas

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20 Seasonal Home Party Theme Ideas

Postby ravish30 » Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:37 pm

If you are in Direct Sales, you have probably noticed how popular themed home parties have become. These days party hosts are looking for something different. We have all been to those parties where a consultant just stands up there and shows you her business products, but these days, those type of parties are less appealing.

Party Hosts now want an interactive and fun themed party. I have compiled a list of some very popular home themed parties for you to consider that are seasonal in nature, meaning that they are great at certain times of the calendar year.

1. New Year, New You Party: (great for home organization ideas, weightloss and healthy eating, pampering and spa type of parties).

2. Beat The Winter Blues Party: During the winters months, people get the winter blues from being stuck indoors. If you have a fun and exciting party concept, try labeling it the "Beat The Winter Blues" party. You can have all of your guests dress in blue or have them do the opposite and dress in sunny cheerful colors.

3. Sweet Treats for Lovers on Valentines Day: If you are with a company that sells chocolate, dessert mixes, fondue dips, etc. This would be a fun theme to incorporate into your party line up during the months of January and February.

4. St Patricks Day Party, Luck of the Irish: During the Month of March, this would be a fun theme! You could serve green appetizers, green beverages and have the party guests and host all dress in green.

5. Easter Party: This is a fun themed party to offer to your party hosts a few weeks before the Easter Holiday arrives. Parents can bring along their children to the party where a table can be set up to let the children paint eggs or do an Easter Craft while the parents attend the party hosts party. In this case, its always helpful to have a volunteer help the children while you do the party.

6. Spring Cleaning and Home Organization Party: It has been a long standing tradition in this country for women to do Spring Cleaning every year during the start of the Spring Season. If you sell products that can help with that, try using this party theme at your next Spring Party.

7. Hawiian Tropical Themed Party: You can purchase some inexpensive lei's at your local dollar store along with some party favors or table decorations to fit this theme. This is a fun themed party to do during the Summer Months.

8. Mothers Day Tea and Dessert Party: This is a fun theme to do the end of April and the beginning of May to honor all of those special mothers in our lives.

9. July 4th Summer Cookout Block Party: If you live in a neighborhood, I always recommend doing a once a year Summer Cookout Block Party and invite all your neighbors and friends. Let them know on the invitation that this is a combination party for company XYZ and that afterwards you will all be having a summer barbecue.

10. Halloween Costume Party: If you are doing any parties during the month of October, turn it into a Halloween Costume Party and have all the party guests wear their favorite costume.

11. Men Only Holiday Shopping Party: Invite the men over to shop for gifts for their wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters etc.

12. Holiday Baking with Children Party: If you are with a gourmet food company or one of the kitchen companies, this is a great party theme around the holidays. Have parents bring their children along to the party for some baking fun.

13. Holiday Cookie Exchange Party: Have all the party guests bring a dozen of their freshly made holiday cookies to the party with them. Have each guest take home a few of the cookies that others brought to the party.

14. Secret Santa Party: (have the guests make a list of 3 items below $25 each) then have each guest draw a slip of paper and they have to buy one of those items on that list for the Secret Santa pal without letting them know its for her. Then you have the second half of the party in a few weeks when the orders come in and invite guests back to exchange their gifts and for them to try to guess who it was that was their secret Santa!)

15. Secret Santa Office Gift Party: A lot of workplace offices these days do secret santa parties and exchanges. I make up a list ahead of time of all items that we sell that are $12 and less! I attach the list to the front of the catalog and only demo those items. Guests are always looking for affordable gifts for their secret santa office parties and you can help them find them!)

16. Back to School Party: If you sell items that back to school kids and moms can use this is a great theme party to try doing.

17. Christmas in July Party: Have you noticed that retail stores will often run Christmas in July promotions during the month of July? Well you can incorporate that same idea into a themed home party!

18. Beat the Tax Season Blues Party: This is a great party to do during the April Month.

19. Trim-the-tree party: Have the hostess put up her Holiday Tree and dig out her holiday tree decorations. You all have a tree trimming party and afterwards you can hold your regular sales party.

20. Beach Themed Party: During the Summer Months, people are always looking for a little piece of serenity. You can build a summer party around a beach theme. You can decide if you would like to have any summer alcoholic beverages at the party or let your party host decide.

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