~ 10 Tips for Good Business Networking ~

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~ 10 Tips for Good Business Networking ~

Postby ravish30 » Sat Feb 03, 2007 10:30 am

Top Ten Tips for Good Networking

1. Networking is not about selling your business or products to
everyone you meet.

2. Don't come on too strong the first time you meet new people.

3. Share about yourself, not just your business. "People do business
with people they trust."

4. Ask people what they do and invite them to share about themselves
and their business.

5. Listen more than you talk and ask questions that will get people
talking — not just a yes or no answer.

6. Make mental notes on things people have that might be useful to
yourself or others, or if online make notes.

7. Find common ground with the person you're getting to know. "People
do business with people just like them."

8. If asked what you do don't give someone a long sales pitch. Keep
it short and informative. If they want to know more they will ask.

9. Always tell the person you where talking with it was a pleasure
meeting them and ask if it is ok if you add them to your contact

10. Ask for their business card — that way you can be sure that there
will be follow up. You can exchange cards if you wish but always get
their card or if online, their email or IM name. Ask permission to
contact them again.
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