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Booking Outside the Home

Send out post cards to your past hostesses and guests letting them know of new catalogs, hostess specials, or exciting challenges.

If your having a hard time booking shows, try running a promotion. Ex. Have 2 bookings before I get to your party and receive ___item for FREE! Or receive a percentage off and item.

Send a card to each guest who doesn't book a party. Dear...Thanks for attending ____ party. If you would like to have a party or just a silent book party, you can earn free merchandise or if you would like to place another order, please feel free to give me a call. Thanks for your order. P.S._____ earned $____ in free merchandise.

Take 7-10 flyers, hole punch the corners, tie them up with curly ribbon and hang them from the bulletin boards or phone poles where others hang their yard signs. Tons of people view those places on an average, nice weekend and some may want or need your product.

Do the same as above, and carry a pack or two in your car with you. On plain white paper make a flyer that says " (company name's here for you take one, they're FREE!" When you go to the mall, place the flyer in you car window, and hang the flyers with ribbon from your antenna or roll the ribbons up into your windows so the flyers hang from the outside of your car. Easily removed when you are driving, take no time at all to place out when you go to the grocery store, the mall, the park or anywhere your car will be parked in a crowded parking lot for more than 5 minutes.

If you are a car driving manager, place a sign in the back window that reads "THIS CAR WAS FREE! ASK ME HOW YOU CAN HAVE ONE TOO!!" You'd be amazed at how many people will honk and hunt you down to ask you how you got a free car.

Never leave home without monthly flyers. And never leave a place or area without leaving at least 5 behind. Whether you hand them out personally, or place them in the bathroom, in empty shopping carts at the grocery store (where they pile up for new customers going in), on car windshields or anywhere you can possibly think of. The only way to find new customers is to LOOK. And to look, you need to be OUTSIDE your home!

Place your business card in give away boxes. You never know who is going to look at them and need or want what you have to offer.

Show your Business! Wear a button or logo item where ever you go. Great conversational piece.

Be a Sponsor in a contest. Remember to always include a catalog, ordering information, booking information and sponsoring information. Again you never know who might need or want what you have to offer.


These tips were submitted by:

Julie Ryals from www.thewahmconnection.com




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