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You can get in on the ground floor with the companies listed below!!


 Featured Ground Floor Party Plan Opportunity








Arieyl Ground Floor Direct Sales Opportunity


Are you looking for a company that allows you to help people and work around the country's new normal? Would you like to turn your setbacks into greenbacks?

This new innovative company launched in the United States in late 2020. The company was designed with You in mind.

Kristen and Travis Butler, top earners in the industry, decided to create an opportunity for people who want to Live out their dreams just like they are.

Why Arieyl?

  • Start for as little as $25.00 and the purchase of 1 product, or a kit

  • Commission: 30% - 50%

  • Team Bonuses, matching bonuses, incentives, vacations, and more

  • Training provided

  • Inventory not required

  • No monthly fees

  • No website fees

  • No hidden fees

  • Most importantly, our products have a 60-day guarantee.

Seize the moment to start a new business and have a chance to win great products or prizes.

For more information please contact:
Darlene Debardelben, Platinum Consultant ID # 831091
Email: ddebardel@yahoo.com
Website Address:
Opportunity Information:

Cove Creek ~ Ground Floor Opportunity ~ Diana Alexander

Do you love natural bodycare products? Look no further than Cove Creek!

Do you have a passion for haircare, skincare, bodycare, spa and bath products made with natural ingredients, using simple formulas?

Looking for Consultants to share and market Cove Creek's 100% exclusive natural ingredients haircare, skincare and bodycare line including spa and bath products in a variety of ways including retail stores, salons, spas, gift shops, gyms, through your personal website, social media, spa parties and more!

  • Our products are marketed exclusively by our Independent Consultants.
  • NEW direct sales company with a wide open market. *Launching Sept. 1st.
  • Discount on products.
  • Training and support.
  • Products made in the USA!
  • Immediate access to affordable health, life, dental, pet insurance and more!
  • Customize your own business working how and when you want.

Start up cost: $29.95. This enrollment fee covers account setup, personalized website, back office, training, and more!

For more information, please contact:

Diana Alexander~Founding Mentor & Team Leader

CC Website: www.thebodycareporium.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thebodycareporium

Email: thebodycareporium@gmail.com

*The Cove Creek opportunity is currently available in the USA only. Enrollment reopens September 1st, 2020.

Elepreneur Ground Floor Direct Sales Opportunity!

NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE WITH YOUR CURRENT COMPANY? LOOKING FOR A FOREVER HOME TO BE A PART OF? We found our home…. After 17 years in the industry… and we couldn’t be happier!

A little over 6 months ago, I placed this ad looking for people who wanted to change the industry with me. Our Company Launched in January and we were excited about the future. As a startup, there is always the uneasiness of what will happen, because, lets face it…. Most Direct Sales Companies take a nose dive in the first three years. But we KNEW this was different… HOW different, would be unveiled over the course of the last several months. We are a cross between Uber and the Industry that provides Freedom, Fun and Flexibility.

What we have experienced is MASSIVE GROWTH. We are officially one of the top five fastest growing Network Marketing Companies in History. We have gone from $0-$8M a month in only 8 months!

What has gone on is nothing short of amazing. We have tens of thousands of people who have life changing experiences, with our products AND with our company. When we got involved, the goal was to change this broken industry. To create an environment where everyone can win if they put work into it!

Over the last few weeks, Three Strategic Business Icons in the industry have joined us to take us to a Billion Dollar Company. Larry (and Taylor) Thompson, Founder of Herbalife, Keith Halls, Founder of NuSkin and John Fleming, Creator of Direct Selling News and president of Avon West are all working with us and mentoring our CEO because they know WE WILL BE the next BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY. I’ve recently be able to work with them on a focus group for our company, and to hear them say that they haven’t been THIS excited about a company since they launched their original companies…. Makes me know that even BIGGER things are about to happen! All three of their past companies in which they built are STILL in the TOP 9 Network Marketing Companies!!

We are in US and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and have recently started getting ready to launch in England and Asia!! So if you are in any of these countries… LETS TALK!

Some of the perks to our Comp plan are:

Lifestyle Bonuses (like a car bonus, but you don’t have to be tied to a vehicle! Use for tuition, mortgage, donations, vacations…. Whatever you heart desires!)
-Ability to earn Health Insurance at Leadership Levels
-Ability to participate in Global Bonus Pool
-Ability to earn Stock in our Parent Company
-A YEARLY $5,000 family vacation after you are at leadership level for 24 months (FOR LIFE!)

This company has so much to offer and the results have been amazing!

When we started in January, MY TEAM did over $100,000 in sales and in February $305,000….. and we are now OVER a MILLION in sales! This has been an experience like no other. And as you can see, we are growing like WILDFIRE!! The best part about all of this?? We sell HAPPINESS!! EVERYONE WANTS TO BE HAPPY!! (As for my own personal business experience…I was able to replace my six figure NYC salary and am now a FULL TIME ELEPRENEUR!)

If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, don’t wait!

Call us at 718.781.2580


If you want to look around first, before connecting with us, You can see what we are all about at ELEVATING OTHERS TO A BETTER LIFE (FB Page) which is our Customer Community Page. When prompted who sent you to the page, please type my name :) (Maria Fox Giambrone)

I promise this is something you will want to take a look at

You can email us at


JUST LAUNCHED June 1st 2019! Brand New and Unique Company - GeoBlends

Proud Distributors of MOBU Penetrating Dermal Infusions - Expertly formulated herbal blends created to be absorbed into your bloodstream via your skin for faster more powerful relief!!

We are very actively seeking passionate people that are looking for a way to earn an income while helping others find relief from every day ailments and/or just wanting to live a healthy life style.

We are all very conscious about what we put IN to our bodies, but what about what we put ON our bodies?

Your skin is your biggest most absorbent organ making it the most efficient pathway for transporting herbs and nutrients directly into the bloodstream without the necessity of the rough transit through the digestive tract and liver. Liver transit especially, reduces the bio-availability and ultimate efficacy of the active ingredients by 80-90%.

MOBU’s unique Penetrating Dermal Infusion Herbal Blends are applied topically to the skin. They have been expertly formulated by a brilliant pioneering naturopath to deliver the powerful medicinal healing benefits of the herbs directly and rapidly for maximum absorption into your bloodstream.

Our range of products include gentle but very powerful remedies for pain, stress, sleeplessness, skincare, itching, rashes, slim products,digestive problems and men’s and women’s hormonal issues.

> Very low investment only $9.95/month for website
> 25% commission along with a very good team building incentive plan!
> Build your own kit if YOU choose to
> No need to keep inventory on had if you do not want to
> Host Wellness Classes (full training provided)
> YOU choice to sell online or offline
> Family run business with TONS of support!

Come GROW with us! There are MANY States that have NO representatives!

If you feel like you would be a good fit for us- LETS talk :)
Contact me Charlene Frey/ Team Building Mgr - 403 807 5847 or via email charmedlife243@gmail.com  I would be happy to answer any and all of your questions to make sure that GeoBlends is the place for you to be!

Please do visit our website as well www.geoblends.com/#27 

If you decide to join us without talking to me first you can use #27 or my name on the sign up form. I will be contacting shortly after you join us to welcome you to our GeoBlends family and get you all set up.


Handmarks Green BraceletHandmarks Founding ConsultantRed Heart Bracelet

Only weeks ago, Handmarks launched in the US as a new home party plan business with its focus centered on a creative experience. Your guests can choose from our jewelry designs, or make one all their own, then finish their piece by personalizing it with our unique (and easy!) Handmarks stamping system. From our hostess rewards program to our consultant compensation plan – You will LOVE Handmarks and make us your final destination!

Here are a few details:

1.   Join our company now for as little as $199.00 – Starter kit valued over $1000.00
2.   Ground Floor Opportunity
3.   Earn 25% - 30% Commission on Sales
4.   10 – 15% Team Bonus
5.   Training Provided
6.   No Inventory Required

There are two starter kit options to choose from when joining our fantastic company. The Essentials Kit for $85.00 valued at $350.00 or our Elite kit for $199.00 valued at over $1000.00. To join us - please go to my website at myhandmarks.com/129  and click join to get started. To learn more, please contact me at the information below.

I look forward to sharing Handmarks with you and the opportunity we offer. Contact me for more information and start your Journey to Success as a Handmarks consultant today!

Jeannette Maddox
Independent Founding Consultant



Heritage Makers Party Plan Opportunity!

If you are looking for a company that has it all, Heritage Makers is it! WE have 3 brands under one name. Heritage Makers, Our Memories For Life and ANTHOLOGY.

We offer the BEST in digital publishing AND we also offer a NEW traditional line of products. You have the best of both worlds. We have 2 giants in the memory industry under one roof! Have you heard of LISA BEARNSON? Leader in Memory Keeping and founder of Creating Keepsakes Magazine? Check out her new line of both digital and traditional products called ANTHOLOGY found only at Heritage Makers. Rhonda Anderson, former founder of another memory keeping company, has brought her amazing traditional line to our company as well! WE HAVE LITERALLY EVERYTHING in Memory Keeping! Our traditional products are phenomenal and a hot ticket item for those scrappers who want the texture and feel of creating memories! If you are a DIY person we have simple “kits” available that are so easy and simple to create beautiful cards and layouts in minutes but are fresh and amazing looks! New kits available monthly. Our digital line, perfect for those who want fast and simple and over 100,000 pieces of art and over 14,000 templates to use to create that priceless memory for your family! We have everything from, paper, cutters, border makers, pens, coverset albums and an ever expanding line of traditional supplies that grows each month when new kits and supplies are added. Photos gifts, books, calendars, decks of cards, canvas, metal prints, greeting cards, iphone cases, ornaments, dog tags, customized bags and totes, and so much more! Use one of our incredible templates to customize or do your own completely from scratch! Start as low as $25…

Whether you want to be a hobbyist, part timer, or make career level income, we have the compensation plan that allows you to do that quickly! Heritage Makers is experiencing tremendous growth. Memory Keeping is huge market. Contact me at 801.623.7694 text or call to become a host, a customer, or a team member! Check out my website at www.scrapless.com 

Watch this 2 minute video on some of our amazing products: http://www.magisto.com/album/video/M3Z-R05BBFQmKiwGDmEwCXp5?l=vsm&o=w&c=e 

* no inventory
* no territory
* Generous Compensation Plan
* Company paid Host Rewards
* Training, Support & personal coaching
* Direct ship options
* Free replicated website for online sales, sponsoring and lead generation
* no annual fee

For more information please contact:

Hallie Redd, Senior Vice Chair Marketing Director SVCMD

Email:  Hallie@scrapless.com

Website: www.scrapless.com

Phone: 801-623-7694


Karine Joncas Cosmetics

Karine Joncas Cosmetics


Have you ever wondered how some of the biggest companies in the world got their start? They started with people like YOU. Strong, Smart and Driven individuals who have a vision for success.

KARINE JONCAS is searching for that exclusive group of individuals who will be the foundation and building blocks of our direct sales business. This is both a one-time opportunity, and an opportunity of a lifetime.

You will be a part of our journey right from the start. You’ll be invited and recognized at our Annual Events as well as invited to various conferences we will be hosting every year. By having all the knowledge and experience of building our business from the start, you may even have the opportunity to host some of our training conferences for new consultants as new products are launched in the future!

Karine Joncas Medi-Cosmetics

After 17-years of success in Canada, Karine Joncas is excited to bring her revolutionary line of skincare products to the U.S. And those of us lucky enough to already try it, are thanking her! Karine is a pioneer in the Medi-Cosmetics approach and all products are formulated and made in Montreal, Canada.

We offer the highest concentrates of active ingredients allowable in OTC skincare, appealing to women seeking medi-spa results without the time or cost. Our target is not only anti-aging but all skincare concerns. This high-performance face and body skincare line includes collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acid delivered through routines and treatments (patches, serums, peeling) previously only found in medi-spas.

All products are fragrance-free, paraben-free and never tested on animals.

Don't be fooled though - you do not need to be a skincare expert to share this amazing line. We have a simplified approach to lead you through the individualized skincare prescription process of a 3-step essential routine and a 5-step optimal routine and provide exceptional training to help you reach your personal goals of empowering women to look and feel their best.

Our comp plan allows you to earn what you're worth with 10 ways to earn, including exclusive participation in the Presidential Founders Bonus Pool! Kits start at just $99!!

The price point on our products will astound not only you but, all of those you introduce to this amazing cutting-edge skincare line.


  • Profit from a powerful and lucrative Compensation Plan!

  • Have the opportunity to recommend other Presidential Founder Candidates

  • Exclusive participation in a Presidential Founder Bonus Pool

  • Receive qualified leads from KARINE JONCAS

  • Direct Support from your KARINE JONCAS U.S. Sales Director

  • Plus many other Fun Benefits!

Choose to become a part of something great!

Contact Details:
Melonie Lusk
(931) 314-0097 EST (call or text)
Karine Joncas Cosmetics


MojiLife Independent Distributor Diana Alexander

MojiLife...."Enjoy Every Moment."
No flame, no heat, no wax, no cords and non-toxic. MojiLife is dedicated to a product line that is kid safe, pet-friendly, and environmentally conscientious. Fragrance on demand is here with MojiLife! Optimize your fragrance efficiency with the AirMoji and M3 from MojiLife, schedule when and where you need. Set it and forget it! Luxurious non-toxic fragrances and 100% pure essential oils are literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply peel off the label, insert the pod with the pre-saturated wood fiber core, and "Enjoy Every Moment."

Why Choose MojiLife?
• ✅ MojiLife has NO website monthly fees.
• ✅ MojiLife has NO annual distributorship fees.
• ✅ MojiLife offers MAXIMUM (company paid) host rewards on MINIMUM qualifying Socials.
• ✅ A FREE gift in addition to lucrative Host Rewards!
• ✅ MojiLife counts YOUR kit towards your Lifetime PRV (sales).
• ✅ MojiLife not only counts your kit towards qualifying volume, but automatically attaches it to a Launch Social giving YOU the ability to earn free product on YOUR kit!
• ✅ MojiLife allows distributors to simultaneously be their own Host getting paid commissions and earning Host rewards.
• ✅ Doesn’t regulate optimization of Socials. If you take a 400 PRV and split it into 2 for twice the FREE gifts and 50% off items... still earning 20% MojiCash!
• ✅ MojiLife has monthly specials, random flash sales, and big savings passed on to the distributors to inspire their customer base.
• ✅ Commissions are paid weekly.
• ✅ Innovative fragrance devices, aromatherapy line, home decor, non-toxic cleaning products and more!

That's just a FEW of the things if you join my team!

Ready to change your life? Join the MojiLife family today! This opportunity is currently available in the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, Guam & Puerto Rico.

Diana Alexander, Independent Distributor
Email: mojilifeessentials@gmail.com 
Join or Shop: www.mojilifeessentials.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mojilifeessentials 


Origami Owl with Maureen Frear

Origami Owl

It all started with a young girl’s dream. At 14 years old, Bella Weems’ founded Origami Owl. The customizable jewelry line is high quality… using Stainless Steel (Living Lockets) and Swarovski Crystals. Every Living Locket tells a story and is so unique!

Origami Owl’s Mission is to be a force for good. To love + inspire + motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.

Why Origami Owl?
• Affordable, high quality jewelry
• Advertise/promote jewelry while you wear it J
• 20-50% retail commission
• 6-10% Sponsor Bonus (Sales Rewards)
• 3-7% Mentor Bonus (Sales Rewards)
• Personal & Mentor Advancement Bonus
• Generation Bonus (Advanced Leadership)
• New Designer Incentives, Rewards, and Trips
• FREE E-commerce website for sales, jewelry bars, and sponsoring
• 3-month free trial of the O2 marketing app
• Training and support (Corporate and Team)
• NO inventory required

Start Up Cost:

$49 Kit ($80+ retail value) NO PV
$99 Kit ($370+ retail value) 50 PV
$199 Kit ($665+ retail value) 100 PV

$59 Kit ($100+ retail value) NO PV
$129 Kit ($465+ retail value) 50 PV
$259 Kit ($845+ retail value) 100 PV

For more information, please contact:
Maureen Frear, Origami Owl Designer #1208
Shop or enroll 24/7: www.maureen.origamiowl.com
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/thecharmgirls
Email: itsthecharmgirl@gmail.com 
Phone: 916.941.9202 PST

Spirit Apple Ground Floor Jewelry Company


NEW jewelry Brand from a FAST growing company.

If you know the DSM business well, you can make a LARGE CASH commission in a SHORT amount of time!

If you are a leader, or want to be a leader, you have an amazing opportunity to be successful at Spirit Apple!

Our commission program is CASH ONLY and is one of the BEST nationwide!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

The first 20 new ambassadors will receive a special offer for their first kit.

Tel: 1800-844-4609

Tava Lifestyle ~ Your Life Your Style Tava Lifestyle
TAVA is a global network marketing company that sells health and wellness products. The name Tava translates into English as Ark. Tava was designed to be a vehicle that people can leverage during their personal storms, physical and financial storms in their lives. It is a vessel and culture designed to be a safe-haven and place of peace and restoration while people move to their new destinations.

Start Up Cost: starts at $49

For More Information, Please Contacte:
Michele Ellis-Williams, Consultant

Tocara Jewelry

Love Sterling Silver and Fine Jewelry? Then You'll Love Tocara!
At Tocara, we’re passionate about empowering people to live their style and love their life.


FINE AND FOREVER EXCLUSIVE JEWELRY OFFERED AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. We’re genuine gemstones, rhodium-plated sterling silver, fashion-forward designs, the highest quality stainless steel and fine jewelry settings. We’re not fast-fashion costume jewelry that’s worn for a season and then forgotten. We’re the jewelry that brings confidence and compliments each time you wear it. (And with 90% of our pieces under $100, we’re an affordable luxury!)

A FLEXIBLE, ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS WHERE YOU MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. You bring the gorgeous fine jewelry, your Host invites friends, everyone has a great time discovering their best style, and you go home with a profit! Plus, you can also grow your business on your personal website, one-to-one, at community events and with fundraisers.

Tocara is built on a powerful foundation of success. Our Founder, Randall Markus, has been designing and selling exquisite fine jewelry for over 35 years. It’s the great passion of his life. And yet it wasn’t until 2008 that Randall realized fine jewelry shouldn’t be locked up in a case. It should be joyously shared in living rooms, coffee shops, and anywhere people gather. People should be able to touch it, try it on and learn how to wear it and what to wear it with. And so Tocara, whose name is of Italian and Spanish origin meaning “to touch”, was born.

Enjoy Generous Rewards

EARN WHAT YOU’RE WORTH ON YOUR OWN TERMS. At an average Tocara Show of $800, you earn $200+ in cash (25%-35% of retail sales) and your Host earns $200+ in free jewelry plus several items at 75% off. Want a raise? Simply hold another Show. You decide how much time to invest. When you meet people who love jewelry as much as you do, invite them to join Tocara and earn a 3% lifetime bonus on their retail sales as well.

ENJOY GENEROUS REWARDS – ROOM FOR ADVANCEMENT. There’s no glass ceiling here. It’s your choice which leadership position you’d like to achieve. And you’ll receive additional income, bonuses and a Rank Advancement Bonus each time you move up.
• Up to 40% Personal Sales Bonus
• Up to 9% Personal Sponsoring Bonus
• Up to 6% Team Bonus
• Up to $10,000 Rank Advancement Bonus
RECOGNITION, GIFTS AND AMAZING TRIPS! We believe in celebrating success and you’ll have lots of opportunities to earn recognition, gifts, and glamorous getaways to amazing destinations!

A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY. We’ve got your back. We help you get started with your Business In-a-Box Starter Kit. We provide a generous Host Program that includes a free gift for each Show guest – unheard of in other companies! There’s online training you can access 24/7 and a willing community of friends, including the Tocara Home Office, who will help you out.

NO INVENTORY OR DELIVERIES. Orders are shipped directly to each guest at one low price. And we stand behind our products with a 30-day exchange policy and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Or host an $800 Show and you start free!
The Tocara Business Kit has everything you need to get started, including top gorgeous best sellers, a branded jewelry roll, carrying bag and tablecloth, catalogs, order forms, a getting started guide and more. Plus, e-tools (personal website, online Consultant business center) are provided for a low monthly fee! Add extra jewelry samples at 50% off or earn thousands of dollars in FREE jewelry during your first 60 days of our Fast Start Program!

For More Information, Please Contact:
Megan Ranco, Vice-President of Sales, Tocara Inc.
Email Address:
Website Address: www.tocara.com  
Phone Number: 1-866-868-2112 or 1-844-986-2272


Tori Belle Cosmetics Ground Floor Opportunity

Tori Belle Cosmetics

Be HIP ( Hopeful * Independence * Prosperous) with Tori Belle Cosmetics!

Brand new Affiliate program that launched in June of 2019 that is like no other. Innovative magnetic eyelash/eyeliner products that distinguish Tori Belle from other beauty brands.

Earn up to 40% Affiliate pay! In addition to your personal sales commissions you can earn free product credits, team pay, bonuses and more!

Join my team and be one of the first Tori Belle affiliates in your area https://shop.toribellecosmetics.com/AlyssaW/Home !!!

Email contact: amazinglasheswithalyssa@gmail.com  


TreSkinrx Ground Floor Opportunity TreSkinrx is a Skincare company whose products have been found in Plastic Surgeon's Offices, now offered through Network Marketing.

Reasons to Choose TreSkinrx:
1. Next Generation skincare/physician influenced/all skin types.
2. Certified organic medical grade aloe/plant based/probiotic.
3. Products priced competitively.
4. Supplement products to support the skin and overall health.
5. NO animal testing/paraben free/gluten free.
6. Comp plan is unilevel with PROFIT SHARING, get paid from the start.
7. Three starter kits to choose from, various price points.
8. Ground floor without the risks (product has been established).
9. NO monthly website fees, NO inventory to carry.
10. Plan designed to pay out up to 50% including bonuses.

Start Up Kits to choose from: $99., $149.99, $249.99

Contact Karen Schriefer Brand Partner
Phone/Text: 916-806-6964
Ask to join Facebook group: #SkinandHealth









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