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Ask Me About My Job


This game is great for slipping in lots of sponsoring seeds as well as having fun!  It's called "Ask Me About My Job".


Have a roll of tickets (the kind you'd use for a 50/50 draw).  Say "For the next 3 minutes we're going to play "Ask Me About My Job.  The first person to come up with a question will get 3 tickets, the 2nd person will get 2 and every question after that earns 1 ticket."  Questions like "How many hours do you work a week?" and "How long have you been doing it?" will start coming at you.  Answer them as positively as possible.  Ie. "I only work evenings and weekend because I want to be home with my children."  "I've been doing this job for 18mos and I've never had so much." 


At the end of the Q & A you can either draw for a prize right then and there, or you can tell the guests to hang on to their tickets and do a little more Q & A towards the end of the party (they may have thought of other questions by then). 


It's a lot of fun when the questions start coming in fast and furious! Guests try to out-do each other and ask the most questions (they want to be the one with the most tickets) and it's GREAT for teaching people about your business and how it might benefit them.


This game was submitted by:

Andrea Duke

nutrimetics, naturally





"I've played this several times and have had great luck with it!   I'll actually use this game to cover my personal story and the recruiting segment.  I've noticed in the past when I start talking about those two topics everyone seems to loose interest. This game keeps their attention on the topic!  Great idea."

Sandy Ball, Director-In-Training



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