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Offline and Local Marketing Ideas


#1) Read the Engagements and Wedding Announcements in the paper, try to match up the names and locations with the phone book or go to the below website that I will post at the bottom of this post. I offer those who are engaged the FREE Tupperware Online Bridal Registry or a Tupperware Bridal Shower Home Party or a Tupperware Book Party so they can get new Tupperware!

#2) Check out the ads for those who offer daycare in their homes. A lot of home daycare providers are interested in Fundraisers! Tupperware has a fundraising program where groups earn 50% cash! I also offer them the Tupperware Party so that they can earn FREE Tupperware Toys, Sipper Cups, Tupperware Kiddie Dishes etc for the daycare!

#3) Local Job Fairs! Set up a table with info along with catalogs and business cards! I get a lot of good leads for both recruiting and party hostesses at Job Fairs!

#4) Contact your Local Temp Agencies and send them a big packet of info about the Business Oppty that you offer! A lot of Temp Workers are also looking for home businesses to get into!

#5) Contact Your Local Colleges and see if you can set up a table or booth with info about your business oppty. College kids love WAH businesses to help them earn some $$$ while going to school!

#6) Hang up fliers in your community where people get together. For example: Laundromats, grocery store memo boards, church memo boards, community centers, Gyms, YMCA and so forth.

#7) Donate to Charity! Its a business tax deduction plus its a GOOD THING to do!

#8) Sponsor Local Contests! ie. radio stations, newspapers, tv stations, magazines, any local agency that sponsor contests! Don't forget bingo halls and schools too!

#9) Look for local ONLINE classified Ads...I run 2 online low cost paid advertising on 2 different LOCAL classified ad websites! I pay $8.00 a month for one and $10 a month for the other! I get around 25 requests every month from each....and about 5 new consultants from each on the average!

#10) Where a pin on you at all times that says "Ask me about my Tupperware Oppty" or whatever business you are with.

#11) Staple lollipops to your business cards! When out in public and someone asks you about your oppty, pull out your cards and give them one!

#12) Get a vinyl cling made for your car that says something about your business and add it to your car window or add a bumper sticker.

#13) Take out ads or do advertising in College Year Books, High School Year Books, High School or College Athletic Program Books, High School or College PLAY Program books etc! All of them have advertisers listed in the back! You can either advertise your business oppty, or your products or make a combo ad!


These marketing ideas were submitted by:

Shelly Hill

Tupperware Manager



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