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101 Theme Party Ideas

Some of these theme party ideas are geared towards Tupperware Reps, but there are a lot of them that can be changed to fit any party plan!


#1) New Year, New You Party!
(great for home organization ideas, weightloss & healthy eating, pampering & spa type of parties, etc.)

#2)Home Organization Party!

#3) Beat The Winter Blues Party!

#4) Sweet Treats for Lovers on Valentines Day!

#5) Lovers & Couples Cooking Party focusing on Sweet Desserts

#6) MEN Only Cooking Party! Learn to make Sweet Treats for your Mate!

#7) St Patricks Day Party, Luck of the Irish!

#8) Girls Night In! Party in your PJS Slumber Party! (no men allowed!)

#9) Home Catering Business Tupperware Party

#10) Home Daycare Owners Party! (demo the Tupperware Toys, Sipper Cups, Toddler Meal Sets etc)

#11) Easter Party! (kids paint eggs or go on a back yard easter egg hunt, while the adults enjoy a Tupperware Party focusing on Easter Dinner Meal Planning)

#12) KIDS Only! Tupperware Gift Shopping Party! This is better done with Cash & Carry Stock! Invite the kids over to shop for a Gift for Mom & Grandma for Easter! You can get cheap wrapping paper & some crafting supplies at the dollar store & have them make a Easter Greeting Card too!

#13) Spring Cleaning & Home Organization Party!

#14) Treat your MOM Tupperware Party! ONLY MOMS & Adult Children are invited! Enjoy a fantastic BRUNCH before the party!

#15) Romantic Outing Picnic Basket Party! Invite all the girls to the party and learn how to prepare a romantic basket to take your lover on a Picnic!

#16) Hawian Luau Tropical Summer Party!

#17) MEN ONLY Summer BBQ & Grilling Outdoor Party!

#18) Mothers Day Tea & Dessert Party!

#19) KIDS ONLY! Mothers Day Tupperware Party! Again, works best with Cash & Carry Stock! Have the kids make a Mothers Day Card while at the party and then hold a contest on who made the best card, funniest card, most creative card so that they can have alot of fun! (90 minutes is a GREAT time range for this type of party).

#20) Summer Fun & Entertainment Party. Learn how to have successful, entertaining, fun and delicious summer parties for you & your friends!

#21) July 4th Summer Cookout Block Party!

#22) Mystery Hostess Open House Party!

#23) Family Reunion Summer Cook Out & Pool Party

#24) Summer Cookout & Pool Party for College Girls!

#25)  Themed Bridal shower Party

#26) Themed Baby Shower Party

#27) Themed Anniversary Party

#28) Themed Birthday Party

#29) Charitable Causes Party! Have a party to raise money for charitable orgs. or donate the free items that the charitable hostess would earn to a womens shelter etc.!

#30) Open House Weekend Cash & Carry Party

#31) Best Friends Evening Out Party (works best with bath & body products or candle types of parties, or skincare & cosmetics type of parties!)

#32) Quick & Easy Meals Taste Great Party

#33) For Men who LOVE to cook party!

#34) For Girls ONLY Lingerie Party

#35) Work Place LUNCH Office Parties (can also hold them at the workplace after work too!)

#36) Halloween Costume Party

#37) Halloween Sweet Treats Party

#38) Cooking for a Crowd Party!

#39) Party for Crafters who want to get organized with our Modular Mates!

#40) Sports Themed Tail gating Party!

#41) SuperBowl BASH party!

#42) KIDS Only Holiday Shopping Party! This works best with cash & carry mdse! Also have a few games for them to play, have them make Christmas cards for their parents etc! (about a 90 minute party)

#43) MEN ONLY Holiday Shopping Party! Invite the men over to shop for gifts for their wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters etc!

#44) Wine Tasting Party! (make sure you check with your company first to make sure its okay to have alcoholic beverages at your party). While Guests are "wine tasting" you can do a party for tupperware, pampered chef, richmond direct etc. I think this could be "tweeked" to fit other types of party plans too!

#45) Holiday Baking with Children Party

#46) Holiday Cookie Exchange Party

#47) Secret Santa Party! (have guests make a list of 3 items below $25 each) then have each guest draw a slip of paper and they have to BUY one of those items on that list for the Secret Santa pal without letting them know its her! Then you have a second half of the party in a few weeks when the orders come in and invite guests back to exchange their gifts & for them to try to guess who it was that was their secret Santa!)

#48) Secret Santa Office Gift Party! Alot of workplace offices these days do secret santa parties & exchanges! I make up a list ahead of time of all items that we sell that are $12 and less! I attach the list to the front of the catalog and ONLY demo those items! Guests are always looking for affordable gifts for their secret santa office parties and you can help them find them!)

#49) Back to School Party! If you sell items that back to school kids & moms can use this is a GREAT theme Party! Tupperware Has dripless tumblers, sports bottles, sandwhich keepers, snack cups, fruit lockers. lunch boxes etc. I put them ALL ON SALE in August to attract back to school shoppers!

#50) Cooking & Baking Basics Party! GREAT for older Teen girls!

#51) The One-Hour Quick Cooking Party! Demo how they can make a QUICK, HEALTHY TASTY Meal in less than 60 minutes!

#52) The Busy Mom Slow Cooker Party! Using a Crock Pot for Meals is becoming Popular again for Moms who lead busy lives! Take advantage of that!

#53) Must Have Kitchen Gadgets Party!

#54) Taste of Tupperware Cooking Party for Couples!

#55) Planning a Healthy Full Course Holiday Meal Party

#56) Pantry & Kitchen Cabinet Make-Over Party!

#57) Learn how to save money by buying Food in Bulk! (for this party you will need alot of our Modular Mates Products to show them how they can store BULK food purchases in a little bit of space! Keeps their food fresher, longer and bug free!)

#58) Christmas in July Party!

#59) Beat the TAX Season Blues Party!

#60) Movie & a Meal Party!

#61) Ditch the Casual Wear & Bring out the Party Wear!

#62) Video Book Order Party (do a demo party & have someone Take a Video of it! This is great for NON LOCAL Catalog Parties)

#63) The Good Old Days Party! Have guests dress up in 1960s & 1970s party wear!

#64) Italian Pizza Party!

#65) Holiday Dinner 101 Party!

#66) Scrapbookers Tupperware Storage & Organization Party!

#67) Rainy Day Fun Kids Craft Party! (great for those in scrapbooking, paper crafts, felt crafts types of parties) Moms are always LOOKING for things to keep kids busy on snow & rainy days!

#68) For Teachers Only Party!

#69)  Sweet 16 Build Your Hope Chest Party!

#70) Senior Girls Tupperware Party! Alot of girls will be getting their own first apartment or going away for college so capitalize on all those NEW graduates!

#71) Entertaining with Style Party!

#72) Game Night for Guys & Party Night for girls Party! This is great if you have a big enough home! Do it on a day that there is a BIG sporting Event! All the guys in one room watching the game while the girls party in another room!

#73) Trim-the-tree party! Have the hostess put up her Holiday Tree & dig out her decorations! You all have a tree trimming party & afterwards you can hold your REGULAR SALES party!

#74) Food On the Go Party! Works well with Tupperware & Pampered Chef. Adults are always looking for ways to transport their food to work & back as well as packing lunch for the kids for school!

#75) Shop for your Second Home Party! These days alot of people have vacation homes, condos, cabins etc. and they need to stock that home too with housewares & goodies!

#76) Make Great Treats & Sweets for Bake Sales Party! Busy Moms are always looking for a way to make great treats for all those bake sales! You demo some recipes, kitchen gadgets, ways to transport those treats to the bake sale etc! Works really well with Parents of Elementary School Aged Children! You can contact the schools PTA and see if they would be interested in having you come to the school and doing this with the moms after one of their PTA meetings!

#77)  Moms on the go GYM Party! Contact your LOCAL Fitness Gyms and see if you can come & do a party there for busy moms!

#78) Halt!!! That Freezer Burn Party!

#79) Beat the Refrigerator mess rat race!

#80) Beat the Clock Party! (these are fun to do on the days that we have time changes here in the USA) but you can do them any time! You can set it up that if guests order within 30 minutes of the party starting they get a 15% discount, at 45 minutes it drops down to 10% and so forth!

#81) Auction Party with your Cash & Carry Products or your Discontinued Stock!

#82) A cut above the Rest Party! Great if you sell cutlery, food choppers, scissors or if you just sell stylish products!

#83) Hip, Trendy & Chic Party! Great for those who sell clothing, accessories & cosmetics!

#84) Whats New with Tupperware Party! (every time your company changes its main line catalog, have a Whats NEW with xxxxxx Party!)

#85) Ice Cream Social Party!

#86) Kitchen Cooking & Household Solutions Party

#87) Online Chat Room Party!

#88) Pass the Catalog Party!

#89) Community Work From Home Festival! Use this more for recruiting but also accept orders from those who come to just buy from you! Part of growing your business is getting your business out in front of your community!

#90) If you love to Read why not form a Book Club in your neighborhood? This works well if you are with a Book Home Party Company such as Usborne.

#91) 5 Ingredients or Less party! Again, this is appropiate for Kitchen Types of companies.

#92)  Moms on a Budget party! During this type of theme party you ONLY demo items that are $20 or less!

#93) Multi-Consultant neighborhood party! Find other consultants who represent NON-Competing Types of products in your community. Get together and you all HOLD ONE BIG party!

#94) Party Swap! Team up with another Consultant & Swap Parties with her!

#95) The "more" you bring, the "more" you get party! (example: The more guests or outside orders they bring, the more freebie gifts they get!) This encourages HIGH party sales!

#96) Brunch & Tea Social Party

#97) Delicous Deli Party! Healthy Lunch on the Go!

#98) Adopt a Neighborhood Needy Family Party! Find a neighborhood needy family (churches are great sources for this) and donate all of the freebie & 1/2 prices items that are earned during this party to the needy family! (A great party especially if a family in your neighborhood has lost their home to fire or some other type of disaster!).

#99) Mans Best Friend Party! If you sell PET Foods & Supplies this is a GREAT theme party for you!

#100) NEW MOMS Time Out Party! Invite all the NEW Mothers to attend your party! New moms need a break so giving them a few hours without the kids is something they look forward too!)

#101) Dieting Buddies Party! They say that losing weight is more successful if you have a dieting buddy! So if you sell gourmet foods, natural & healthy supplements, vitamins, or exercise equipment you can start a dieting buddies program that incorporates this type of party into it!

Party Hosts are LOOKING for NEW fun parties to have!

These home party theme ideas were submitted by:

Shelly Hill

Tupperware Manager




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