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32 Theme Party Ideas


1. Pool Party--Hold show around pool, get a small plastic play pool and fill with ice and drinks. You might even have a swimsuit contest! (or encourage people to wear one and be cool)

2. Pina Colada Party

3. Strawberry Daiquiri Party

4. Margarita Party

5. Build your own Sundaes--Hostess provides the ice cream and   the guests bring toppings.

6. Wine & Cheese Party--Hostess serves wine and cheese for dessert.

7. Saturday Brunches--while air is still cool, have a morning brunch or tea. exchange-bring favorite recipe and sample to share.

8. Summer sizzle--Have the guest bring their favorite way to cool down to the party and let them judge who is the & coolest.

9. Summer Salads--Ask each guest to bring their favorite summer salad recipe and exchange, maybe samples.

10. Sports--Decorate your table with your favorite sports teams themes and colors.

11. Patio Party--Have a party outside on the patio, serve nice tall glasses of lemonade.

12. Garden Party--Have the show in some-ones garden have every guest wear their garden hat or big floppy hat.

13. June is Strawberry month-serve strawberry shortcake

14. Very Berry Party--Make berry desserts or berry topping for cheesecake or ice cream

15. Red, White, and Blue Party--Have everyone come dressed in their favorite patriotic outfit. Serve Red, White and Blue dessert.

16. Creative Hat Contest--each guests creates their hat that they wear to the party, contest for the best hat.

17. Ten to Midnight Party--Do an outdoor party late at night.

18. Daycare Party--provide the sitter for a morning a day show for moms.

19. Picnic in the Park or Candles in the Park--Hostess supplies picnic and we do the show out in the park.

20. Potluck Shows--Each guests brings a dish--chose the theme for the potluck- example each guest is given a country and she must make a dish from that country to bring.

21. Christmas in July or August

22. Hawaiian Shirt Party--Each guest wears their favorite Hawaiian shirt, offer drink with little paper umbrellas; possibly get paper leis to put around each guest as they arrive.

23. Bring your own Nachos Party--Hostess provides the chips and each guest brings a topping.

24. Naughty Nighty Contest--Each guest brings their favorite naughty nighty in a brown paper bag; try to match the nighty to the guest. No auditions required. Prizes awarded.

25. Back to College or Off to College Party

26. Big Chicken Party--Great way to get know new neighbors who just moved in or if you just moved. Invite people you don't know or don't know very well.

27. Men's Only Party--Invite the men for an afternoon of football, pizza, soda (or beer) and Your Product. Set up a display and let let them shop for Christmas presents during halftime, tell them that when they place a $25 (or whatever) order, you'll wrap the gift for them.

28. Happy Hour Party--Hostess serves munchies and drinks

29. Chocolate Lovers Party--Serve all chocolate desserts

30. Couple Party--Invite the significant others

31. BYOV Party--(Bring your own veggie : Make veggie pizza)

32. Wedding Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, House Warming Parties, Anniversary Parties.


These tips were submitted by:

Julie Ryals from www.thewahmconnection.com



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