Creative Ways to Market Your Business Online!

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Creative Ways to Market Your Business Online!

Postby ravish30 » Thu Jan 19, 2006 10:49 am

Creative Ways to Advertise & Market your Biz ONLINE!
You have a new online business, now what?

You need to advertise your online business both online and offline. Below you will find some creative ways to advertise & market your business online.

#1. Write some short articles and donate them to online websites, ezines and newsletters.

These articles can be on family life, raising children, hobbies, cooking, pets, shopping, weddings, just about any thing!

Make sure your article has an attached signature tag with your name, business name and your website address.

#2. Attach an email signature tag to every outgoing email that you send. Make sure it includes your business name and website address.

#3. Write a FREE blog! Blogging is very hot these days! A blog is a online journal and you can write one on a variety of topics including topics that relate to your online business. Do a keyword search through a search engine such as to learn about blogging!

#4. Get yourself registered and listed in online yellow page phone books under your business name & business information.

#5. Get yourself listed in online business directories.

#6. Get yourself listed in online shopping & gift directories.

#7. If you offer a contest through your online website, make sure you get yourself listed in online Contest & Sweepstakes directories for some free business exposure.

#8. Online talk radio is big these days! Contact those sites and inquire about being a guest on one of their online talk radio programs.

#9. If you can afford it, get some online advertising on a online radio station.

#10. Do a online web search for your local city radio stations. Alot of your radio stations also offer online contests to their listeners. Offer to sponsor one of their online contests or inquire about advertising on their website.

#11. Do a online web search for your local city tv news station websites. Alot of them offer online contests on their websites. Offer to sponsor one or inquire about advertising on their website.

#12. Start a online newsletter for your business. I recommend doing a monthly newsletter. You will get more subscribers to your newsletter if you add informational content along with 2-3 specials that you are running. A newsletter subscriber contest is also helpful in promoting a online newsletter.

Newsletter subscribers don't want to read just sales ads so its important to also offer informational content, tips, product reviews etc.

#13. Online gift certificates are big business these days. Make sure your website offers online gift certificates for your business products or business service.

#14. Get yourself listed in online search engines. You can start out with the free lesser known search engines and then work your way up to the pay-per click type of search engines.

#15. Do a web search for message boards for your local city or town. Get on those local area message boards and start networking! Get to know others who live around you. This is a great way to get local customers and local leads. Alot of times you can get a text ad or a banner ad on those local message board sites to help promote your business locally.

#16. Ask your online friends and family to attach your email signature tag to all of their outgoing emails.

#17. There are alot of FREE online classified ad sites. I recommend that you place ads ONLY on the most popular of these types of sites. The best ones are sites that cater to your local area.

#18. Link Exchange. Contact other websites and offer to exchange web links with them. You add their web link to your website page and they add your website link to theirs.

#19. If your business offers a bridal gift registry to new brides to be, make sure you get yourself list in some of the popular online bridal gift registry directories. Alot of them also offer contests to their readers so consider sponsoring a contest too.

If you use this checklist article on your website or newsletter please keep on my below signature tag! I am the original writer of this article! Thanks!

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Postby christina » Mon Jun 12, 2006 5:29 pm

I was on a training call a couple of weeks ago and MySpace was brought up as a unique way to market/network. I always thought of it as a teen site, but there are actually QUITE a few people on there...over 80 million accounts! So I set up a profile and blog and it's been going well as far as networking goes. I've met some great people and joined some great groups.

That's my unique online marketing idea as borrowed from someone else. :wink:
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Postby ravish30 » Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:20 pm

I used to be on myspace but I closed my account last year as I found it to be worthless when it comes to promoting a business.

I prefer to promote my business on business geared social online web sites.
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