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Free Ad Placement/Business Boards/Referal Contest

Postby Sassy » Tue Jan 24, 2006 12:03 pm

Visit Here <<< Wonderful place to post your ad... Sassy :) If you are reading this then others are too... and if you post at my forum then your ad will be there to read by the next who go there. So in a big way I am advertising for you. :) Also we are having a great referal contest! There will be 3 winners every month :) Post directly after signup!!! This is a list of>>>>>My Favorite FREE AD SITES That I use daily.
When you join the forum that I mention up top, you will find a new added feature.. "business boards" where you may chat with others in the same business as you for advise or support. If you don't see yours listed just let me know. Sassy :)

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