57 Ways To Promote Your Business Free Or Inexpensively

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57 Ways To Promote Your Business Free Or Inexpensively

Postby karie » Sat Mar 31, 2007 1:04 pm

Keep in mind, many of these options require
specific permission from the places specified.
The last thing you want to do is give your
business a bad name by "illegally" placing your
ads there. Usually if you politely ask, the answer
may be "yes." The worst that can happen is
they'll say "no" and then you can pick another

1. Bumper stickers
2. Flyers
3. Business cards (Self-Made or VistaPrint)
4. PersonalizedT-shirts
5. Message boards
6. Free classifieds
7. Ezines
8. Paid ads
9. Postcards
10. Purchased leads
11. Bookmarks for libraries
12. Co-ops
13. Newsgroups
14. Word of mouth(friends and family)
15. Forwarded emails (Signature Line!)
16. Inexpensive lapel buttons
17. Pens to hand out
18. Welcome baby cards for hospitals
19. Request 5 mins at the beginning of different
mom groups (MOPS, Breastfeeding classes,
Lamaz classes, wherever moms may be that are
interested in what you offer)
20. Create a tri-fold: More info type handout that
briefly explains your business. Attach a mini
sample & your business card.
21. Welcome baskets of samples + business card
to newcomers in the area
22. Community Colleges (lots of moms
w/computers there)
23. Put a business card in all outgoing mail
including anything that has a postage paid
envelope! 24. Visit establishments you do
business with (doctor's office, health food stores,
karate/dance studios,etc) and ask if you can
leave flyers or brochures
25. Car magnets - You can put magnets all over
your car without asking anyone
26. Bookmarks in library books should be cleared
with the librarians first
27. Index cards - leave in restrooms at
restaurants or on cork boards around grocery
28. Get a booth at school events and share what
you offer.
29. Check into an ad in school sponsored
publications (directories, PTA booklets, etc). A
great targeted audience and usually very
30. Set up a "free giveaway/free info" box in any
store that will give you permission.
31. Post flyers at apartment complexes if they will
allow it.
32. Under windshield wipers of cars of people
who attend your Church
33. Sending a pamphlet with a business card with
your child to hand out to everyone in his/her
class to take home to mommy and daddy (or to
each teacher)
34. Buy a pre-inked, personalized stamp and put
your ad on it. Stamp the back of all your
envelopes that you mail out. Do you know how
many people look at an envelope before it gets
opened by the mail department? A LOT!
35. Biz cards in the side pockets of diaper bags
while shopping
36. Junk mail with the postage paid envelopes, I
send a flyer back to the company and it's free
37. On our light poles are clear tubes for the park
owners to put flyers and stuff in
38. Gift basket raffles at Church bazaars, fish
fries at your local community hall, any small town
function (biz card in the basket) and biz cards on
the table next to it
39. Lots of people love raffles -
40. ALSO make gift baskets (if you sell a product
that would work for this) for family, friends,
neighbors, etc. for birthdays, anniversaries,
Christmas, baby showers, bridal showers - you
have to buy a gift anyway - make it a VERY
41. Replying to spam email with own business ad.
42. Give your business cards to friends and
family and ask them to give them out to people
they know that might be interested. But turn
your business card over and put their name on it
and offer an incentive for prospects they send
43. Put up flyers at the local colleges and large
grocery stores
44. Slip biz cards into kids books and toy
45. Slip pamphlets children's books at the
46. In the women's devotional bibles in the
Christian book store I put my card and a pamphlet
47. I left pamphlets by the change machine in the
mall arcade too!
48. Use vinyl letters on the sun visor for your car
to show your site
49. Use the old metal Band-Aid or gum
tins&recover them, put a magnet on the back,
then put your business cards in them. Attach this
to your car when you go into a store
50. If you go to garage sales, ask if you can leave
a few of your flyers there.
51. Tractor Trailers (18
wheeler Rigs) travel all over the USA.
If anyone knows any Owner Operators, they
could approach them to ask how much they
would charge for advertising on their trailer!
52.Leave a business card with your tip for your
53.Put brochures/flyers on car windshields at
your kids sporting events.
54.I really like the idea of purchasing cheap seed
packets (WAL-MART for $.10/each) and putting a
cute tag on them with my pertinent info on it as
well as a saying such as "I'm in the business of
helping people grow".
55.If you offer applicable products, pass out
sample sizes at school events packaged cleverly
with your business card
56.Business cards with a magnetic back really
"stick" in people's minds as well as on their
57.Call all the malls and hospitals in your area to
see when they are having a baby expo...when
they are I go and walk around and pass out
business cards and/ or brochures

Hope this helps!

~Karie :D

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