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Description: The Norwex product line provides you with a superior selection of high quality products that reflect our mission of improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. Our line of effective and green cleaning products will save you time and money and contribute to a better environment. Norwex MicroFibre goes beyond "surface clean" with the innovative use of silver particles integrated into synthetic MicroFibre cloth.

When you use Norwex products, you will save time and money while reaping the benefits of better health for you and the environment. Perhaps most importantly, you are also helping to create a legacy for generations to come by using and sharing the Norwex products and Purpose with others.

Norwex products cater to men, infants and children along with a divine skin care range.

Please contact me for all party/joining enquires sales and party bookings.

Start up cost: Two Start up options available; Free or $69.95.

For more information, please contact:
Kylie Howe - Independent Norwex Sales Consultant
Facebook Page:
**Ad Expires April 20, 2018


Description: New Ground Floor Opportunity to Australia launching November 1, 2017! Enroll now during the pre launch phase for your spot! Be one of the first pioneers for Australia for this once in a lifetime opportunity!!!

Why Vasayo?

  • Finest nutrition, best delivery system ( liposome technology )! All natural, vegetarian, Non-GMO, common allergen and gluten free products.

  • Liposome technology provides superior absorption using micronutrient encapsulating technology that easily absorb into the bloodstream and utilization by the bodys cells.

  • Sleep Micomyst - non-habit forming, relaxes the mind, helps with sleep interruption, and allows you to feel awake feeling energized.

  • Energy Microgel - Natural sustained energy without feeling jittery or crashing: helps replenish the adrenals rather then deplete them, unlike many other energy products on the market. Helps maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system, helps protect cells from free radical damage, and optimizes metabolic efficiency.

  • Renew Microgel - balances inflammatory response. Helps neutralize free radicals. soothes and supports joint and connective tissues, and reduces muscle pain.

  • Retail bonus- commissions you make right from the top of any transaction with your own customers 40 percent.

  • No pressure to enroll others however if you decide to enroll two others you will also get team bonus commissions.

  • A brand partner enrollment fee of $49.95 which includes your own replicated website, back office, and marketing tools.

  • No autoship required

Launching in Australia November 1 2017. Looking for one Brand Pioneer Partner. Vasayo has a lucrative binary hybrid compensation plan that's designed to pay well for everyone--not just the people at the top. Of course, this is important for retention and to financially reward people for their efforts--whether they are seeking an extra $500-$1,000 a month or a powerful vehicle to generate massive wealth and residual income. I'm not making any income claims here--but there is no doubt that Vasayo has what it takes with its "Eights Ways to Earn" to bless a lot of lives big time. Of course, that's one of the beauties of this industry that makes more first time millionaires than any other. Yes, no previous experience required--just passion, focus and drive. As your leader, I will help YOU set your goals for success. Can you imagine what you can accomplish by just committing five to six hours a week to your business with Vasayo? Trust me, a ton. Whether you're a seasoned network marketer or a newbie--I'm ready to lock arms with you to take this opportunity to the top. Our team includes people from all walks of life including multi-million dollar earners in the network marketing industry, scientists, chiropractors, nutritionists, professionals, retired veterans, stay-at-home moms or better yet fabulous mompreneuers and more. People are actually coming out of retirement to join Vasayo.

Remember, we are in pre-pre-launch right now. Vasayo will be launching in the US and Canada in early January 2017--with plans to expand into the Southeast Asian Countries like Hong Kong and Singapore in March. So, now is the time to secure your top spot for free. I look forward to working with you. As a top global leader, founding Brand Partner with Vasayo and online marketing professional and former anchor/reporter, I will provide you and your team with the leadership, mentorship, FREE marketing materials and support you need to succeed.

Please contact me with any questions. Please Enter Your Real Information to Secure your top spot. Let me know if you would like to join FB group to see what our team is all about.


For further information contact:
Heather Rodman

**Ad Expires March 6, 2018



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