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Interactive Presentation Game

As with any activity, you have to determine if this would suit the group you are working with. This activity does not use equipment, so it is easy to do on the spur of the moment.

I introduce the activity by telling the guests that I need their help. I teach them actions or sounds to make when I say key words in my presentation. These are rather silly, of course, but this encourages guests to listen for key words. Choose only about five actions or sounds so it does not get too complicated or long.

For example:

"14kt gold", they say "oooo"

"jeweller" - they say "bing bong" (the sound of the door bell when the jeweller arrives)

"hostess" - they applaud or say "thank you!"

when they recognize a hosting benefit, they say "aahhhh"

"Swarovski crystal" - they are to shade their eyes (from the brilliance of the stones!)

"Moose Jaw" (the home of Fifth Avenue Collection), they put their fingers on top of their heads to represent moose horns.

"bonus gift" - "whoopee"

"book a show" - touch the side of their head and say "hmmm"

This can be easily adapted for your presentation.



This game was submitted by:

Elizabeth Webster Goddard

Fifth Avenue Collection





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