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Before the party, tell each guest on their reminder phone call that they need to bring some toilet paper to the party for a game. Let them know it doesn't matter how much, or how little - what type, or what color. If they want to just bring one square, that's fine, as well as someone that brings 24 rolls. Any amount is fine. They just need to bring it.


When party starts, pass around paper and pen. Have guests keep score for themselves, and ask them to get their toilet paper out.


Here are the points:

10 sheets/squares or less = 10 points (or auction money works great!)

10 sheets/squares or more = 20 points

Whole roll = 30 pts.

Individually wrapped roll = 25 points

Four Pack = 50 pts.

Nine Pack = 75 pts.

12+ Pack = 100 pts.

1 ply = 15 pts.

2 ply = 30 pts.

3 ply = 50 pts.

If they roll it under on the bar = 25 pts.

If they roll it over the bar = 50 pts.

If it's on a vertical stand/spinner = 75 pts.

White toilet paper = 25 pts.

Colored toilet paper = 50 pts.

Designs/flowers = 50 pts.

Quilted toilet paper = 50 pts.

If they purchased just for party = 75 pts.

If it's a generic brand from the store = 15 pts.

If it's a generic brand from somewhere else = minus 15 pts.

If it's name brand = 50 pts.

If they borrowed from the hostess (didn't bring own) = minus 50 points


Now, tell them if they are willing to put their toilet paper into this bag (pass around a clean white trash bag), you will give them 100 bonus points that will help their totals, and help them at the end of the night/game.


Wait for them to decide if they are willing to give it away. Pass the bag around and collect them all. After you collect the bag back, and it's full......


Now tell them that if they KEPT their toilet paper, you'll give them 200 bonus pts!


Have them add their totals. The one with the most points gets the bag of toilet paper, and if you do auction money, they get that amount in auction money!



This game was submitted by:

Bonnie White

Exquisite Bend



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